Egg-Land’s Best “Your Best Recipe” Eggcellent Breakfast Recipes

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Do you have a favorite egg recipe? We have quite a few favorite egg recipes. I am updating this post to share the breakfast recipe I made. I use eggs in so many recipes and baking recipes. But, there are breakfast and brunch recipes I love making. Like quiche, egg scrambles, frittata, french toast…

You may remember my frittata recipe I shared a while back. This time when I was testing out my recipe I had a few guests over and held a brinner. What is that? Well, it’s a breakfast dinner.

Originally I posted about this cooking contest: Eggland’s Best wants to help you get cooking too! I had the opportunity to create a recipe for Egg-Land’s Best “Your Best Recipe” Recipe Contest. The great thing is there is still time for you to create your recipe too ! If you missed it watch for it on social media or visit the EB page. I think they hold this contest annually. 

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In a hurry scroll down to grab our favorite recipes using eggs! 

Cooking With Kids, Pre-teens, and Teens

Sammie is in college now, it’s amazing to look back at her and know she can cook for herself from learning how to cook next to me in the kitchen. Teaching kids and teens basic skills such as how to crack eggs, cook breakfast and simple meals, and learn to enjoy being in the kitchen while making healthy foods…

I decided to make a quiche and a few other dishes with the help of Sammie. She loves cracking eggs for me whenever we cook together in the kitchen. I remember the first time she cracked an egg. We picked the shells out, she was so tiny I had to hold her hands! No hand-holding anymore. She is quite a good helper and cook now! Which makes things go faster in the kitchen when preparing things.

ggs being cracked into a bowl_

We had a lot of fun working together for the brinner. I wanted to get a photo of her and she kept making funny faces at me. But, finally, I got one of her. Side note, she still has this fun, silly sense of humor. It is amazing to see the adult she is becoming. Young mamas, hold them tight! Time moves way too fast!! These were excellent times and so much fun to look back on the memories.

Photography Courses I’ve been taking and cooking contests…

I don’t know what cooking contests I’ll enter next. But, my food photography (and photography skills) have come so far! You can see the course I’m taking on the sidebar if you are ready to up your photography skills. I also love using the Creative Live Creator’s Pass for learning online. Giving me access to all the online creative classes and creative business classes I need.

Girl Whisking eggs

These eggs are so big! They remind me of when I lived on a small ranch and collected eggs but, all cleaned up. It’s nice not to have to do that anymore.

Favorite kitchen tools for cooking with eggs

Egglands Best Eggs on a kitchen towel_

We purchased the extra large ones. You can purchase brown eggs from EB too.

Did you know that Eggland’s Best Eggs

  1. Have four times more vitamin D
  2. More than double the omega-3s
  3. Ten times more vitamin E
  4. 25% less saturated fat
  5. Your meals will also be fresher if you use EB eggs, since they are packed fresher than ordinary eggs

Recipes Using Eggs 

close up of eggs being whisked_

Now that the contest is long over I can share some of my quiche recipes with you! Here are a few listed below. 

Asparagus Quiche Recipe 

Mushroom Quiche Recipe

Holding a quiche with a towel_

We served up a quiche made with shredded zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, and some very secret ingredients! No, not really. It’s no secret now! 

scrambled eggs with cheese and zucchini

Since the eggs are so big, I also made up some scrambles topped with cheese, served with salsa and tortilla chips. Find recipes like this for breakfast in the navigation bar. 

Looking for more recipes to make for breakfast and brunch?

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  2. Easy Breakfast Enchiladas
  3. 15 Easy Quiche Recipes To Make
  4. Lists of Recipes
  5. Recipe Index

Do you enjoy hosting breakfast or brunch with family or friends?


We all got to enjoy our time together and talk about the various dishes Sammie and I prepared and served them. I let them tell me which recipes they liked best. It’s good to have a second opinion.

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  • These are my 100% honest opinions
  • You can check out the “Your Best Recipe” Contest details at Egg-Land’s Best

What are some of your favorite recipes to make using eggs?


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