Reminiscing About How I Learned To Love #Baking & My Number One Kitchen Tool

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Visiting here in NYC taking care of baby Theo has me reminiscing about my grandma. I was her first born grandchild and now baby Theo is my oldest daughter’s first born. There is a special bond between grandchild and grandparent. I was thinking of all the things we used to do that have made me who I am today. My grandma was an avid sewer, loved to garden and most of all loved cooking and baking. With that said her favorite tool in the kitchen was the KitchenAid Mixer.

There is something nostalgic getting into the kitchen and using a KitchenAid Mixer just like my grandma used to! My oldest daughter has one, we have come full circle. It brings so many fond memories of being in the kitchen together with my grandma. Mixing up cake batters such as her favorite a Texas classic sheet cake. She taught me all the baking skills that started my love of baking. From the first time she let me lick the smooth batter that the KitchenAid Mixer mixed up to her sharing her skills of creaming butter and sugar. Slowly I learned how to bake by her side. First by her holding my hand while I cracked eggs to showing me how to wipe the edges of the bowl with a spatula. Teaching me while helping me hold a spatula to pour the cake batter into the pans.

yellow and white kitchen aid mixerI love how she passed on the love of baking and being in the kitchen whether we were making up batters for muffins, cakes or dough for breads and pies. She gave me a gift to last a lifetime, to pass onto my kids and grandkids and with the help of her favorite kitchen tool her KitchenAid Mixer.

custom kitchen aid mixer

Although baby Theo isn’t old enough to bake yet, one day I hope he gets to enjoy being in the kitchen with me as he gets older when they visit. At home Sammie and I love to bake and cook and I can’t wait to get my hands on my own KitchenAid Mixer and continue to pass on those classic recipes and my favorite tools with them. That’s why I am writing this today to share my love of baking and my favorite tool a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I am entering this contest to try my hand at winning a custom hand painted by Nicole Dinardo Un Amore KitchenAid Mixer. Winning would be the icing on the cake. Wouldn’t I have stories to tell when sharing recipes, passing on my love of baking and KitchenAid Memories.

What is your favorite thing to mix up in your Kitchen Aid Mixer?


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