Easy Felt Flowers With Lollipops DIY

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Do you enjoy crafting? Easy Felt Flowers with Lollipops one of our easy felt craft project ideas. This is fun diy to make, and add to your Easter craft ideas. Or anytime you want give a special handmade gift, filled with lollipops. 

You can make a little spring magic come to life by putting them into the garden to surprise the kids on Easter. This spring crafts idea is one that anyone can do. 

Easy Felt Flower DIY
Felt Flowers With Lollipops 


DIY Craft Projects | Dum Dums Lollipop Felt Flower| #TheMagicOfSpring

First gather up the supplies for the flower project. Then follow the directions listed below. For this project we did receive the lollipops for free, and participated in #MagicofSpring Our craft project, and thoughts, and words are all our own. 

Craft supplies

Spring Crafts Ideas | girl with bag of dum dum lollipops #TheMagicOfSpring

Directions for making felt flowers

DIY Craft Project Dum Dums flower lollipop step 1

  • Directions for the flower lollipop 

Start out by cutting out shapes of flower petals from the felt. You want them larger than the lollipops and you will need about 6 per flower minimum. Also cut out two to three leaves from the felt. An easy way to cut leaves is by cutting a rectangle and going point to point on the diagonal, keeping the center larger than either side to create the leaf shape.

DIY Craft Project | Steps 2 and 3 for the Dum Dums Felt Flower Lollipops

Next get at least three lollipops and you will tape them together with the wood dowel. I reinforced mine with wire as I wanted mine to last longer and be more durable you could skip this step but, they may not hold together as well. 

Then you’ll begin to hot glue the petals onto the sticks just below the lollipops. Do this step all the way around until it looks like a flower.

DIY Craft Project | Felt Lollipop Flowers

Next use a block of Styrofoam, mason jar or place into a vase while you continue making more.

When you get a whole bunch of felt flowers with lollipops made you can have the kids plant magic jelly beans (seeds) and later go to the garden to see the flowers that popped up. The next morning, after you put them into your garden.

Some other spring crafts ideas I usually do is set up a candy bowl or two full of Dum Dums, and jelly beans in bags for the kids. Here’s our video of our little pop up garden with #TheMagicOfSpring

#TheMagicOfSpring | Cake next to candy with flowers © 2015 Theresa Huse

With so many spring gatherings I enjoy making my jelly bean cake with two colors (tutorial) as a treat for the spring festivities for the family. I also like creating spring banners to make things more festive. Then we enjoy a fun garden party that includes painting eggs along with other activities. What activities or ways do you enjoy celebrating Easter?

Spangler Candies and vases with flowers #TheMagicOfSpring

When I was making the tutorial for my grand kids they couldn’t resist trying to make their own. To keep them busy I cut out felt oval shapes of three sizes of various colors and cut a tiny slit in the center then I let them slide the lollipop stick down the slit to add them to the base of their lollipop for their own flower lollipop.

#TheMagicOfSpring |child holding a dum dums lollipop

They’d take it off to eat the lollipop, and make another lollipop flower. 

Spring Creafts Ideas | #TheMagicOfSpring

Will you try to make lollipop felt flowers? Be sure to search and follow the hashtag #TheMagicOfSpring on social media where you can find more yummy garden projects and ideas. You can also visit TheMagicOfSpring.com 

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

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  1. These are such cute ideas. Dumdums are the perfect size for little ones. I will have to wait until my Gbaby is a little older to make the flowers though.

    1. Hi Stacie, You could make them for spring and just put the candy in a bowl like I did. They are the perfect size for little ones. We love all their flavors. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is such a cute idea and your instructions for putting it together are great! Thanks for sharing on the Spring Craft Blog Hop!

  3. These are so cute! I am pinning and I will also share this on my facebook page.. I think lots of people will try to make this!!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren for the share and the pin. They are super easy and fun to make. Quick if you cut a bunch of petals and leaves at once and assemble all at once too.

    1. Yes, I left some with my older daughter at her house in a mason jar I spray painted. I’ll have to share that & let you know when I post it here or on social media. Thanks for stopping by Ashley!

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