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I’m busy behind the scenes working on projects to share, including a video project, tutorial and paint project. Today I thought I’d share a few resources regarding craft paint products and color inspiration that I’ve been meaning to share. First off, if your a crafter, painter or diy er you’ll want to note that DecoArts has several paint colors in their line of craft paints being eliminated. (I found this a while back on a post of theirs on FB later in post)

The good news is they shared a pdf of how you can mix up these colored paints if any were in your favorite projects or a color paint you can’t live without! Especially handy if your working on something and run out needing a color no longer available. It goes without saying, all things change. Trends in paint colors, retail products being sold… But, today I thought I would pass this along  for you to have as a resource. 

I know I’ll be using the mixing chart as it has one of my go to colors. Good-bye, Olde Gold paint color. I’ve listed the resource for mixing up below with what is in vs what is out! If your into design you have already probably noted Pantone’s  2015 colors for spring , their color of the year Marsala 18-1438 what is on trend for 2015 color trends. If your not into design these are great places to start for your color resources.

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Crafting: Craft Paint News 

What’s changing in the 2015 Color Mixing Chart for Discontinued Americana Acrylics? Some Americana colors DecoArt will be discontinuing in 2015, as well as some additional colors to be added to keep in line with the latest trending colors for home décor and design.

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Color paints used in some of my projects 

 What’s being offered in the DecoArt’s paint line; 

  • DecoArt’s Americana line still offers 223 acrylic colors
  • Delta only offers 212
  • FolkArt has 205
  • New to the scene Maxx Gloss paints (that has a high gloss sheen and lacquer like finish)
  • Here’s the article from the post with the resource if you want to see the full article ( DecoArts Facebook Post )

When selecting paint colors it’s good to purchase what you’ll use as it’s best to have fresh paint. Paints do last a while but, length varies with storage conditions and care. Whether your crafting up your latest project or selecting paints for your decor you’ll be sure to love any of the resources mentioned in the post. I am most excited about the Maxx Gloss paints and can’t wait to try them out and share how I like them. Especially since I’ve redone furniture with spray glosses and this is a paint on. 

One last resource for your paint selections is this Global Paint Chart and color trend book. And if your looking for a little more color inspiration you might enjoy my Pinterest boards like this one.
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Happy painting, crafting, color inspiration looking and making! What projects are you working on right now?

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Did you ever have a favorite color or paint color be discontinued? 

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