15+ Perfect Recipes Using Pesto

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Go beyond the classic pesto pasta and make these recipes using pesto! Light, refreshing, and easy to make recipes. These recipes with pesto include bread, veggie dishes, lasagna, gnocchi, chicken kabobs, pork tenderloin, shrimp, pizza, tofu… view the entire list of pesto recipes below. Add them to your dinners, side dishes, and meal plans!

Note: You can make homemade pesto for the recipes. Or just grab a jar of pesto sauce to use when making these recipes. Looking for something else to make for dinner? Find all our recipes here. And see all our lists of recipes here.

Recipes Using Pesto

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15+ Perfect uses for pesto! Try any of these recipes using pesto for your next dinner. List of recipes with pesto at DearCreatives.com

What is pesto? A delicious blend of basil, pine nuts, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese (or something similar)… (how to make pesto) (video –how to make pesto)This just one of the many ways to make pesto. And is the most popular. I hope you enjoy making any of these recipes with pesto!

The easiest way to make homemade pesto for these recipes is by using a food processor like this. Or buy a jar or two of pesto sauce.

Add these favorites to your Target shopping cart. Grab jars of pesto sauce to add to your Target shopping cart for making these recipes with pesto!

Jars of Pesto Sauce

Use a jar spatula like this! A handy kitchen tool to help you get every last bit out of the jars.

Recipes With Pesto - Make any of these recipes using pesto for lasagna, gnocchi, pizza, bread, grilled vegetables, side dishes, dinners... See the recipes at DearCreatives.com

Recipes With Pesto

List of recipes to make using pesto

  1. Lasagne al Pesto by Knife and Soul
    This lasagna recipe packs a good daily dose of green veggies and has a lovely addition of pesto for lots of flavors!
  2. Cheesy Pesto Monkey Bread by Pitch Fork Foodie
    This monkey bread recipe is cheesy, and delightful. The pesto gives this savory monkey bread the perfect touch.
  3. Gnocchi with Basil Pesto by Piping Pot Curry
    This basil pesto kissed gnocchi feels so fancy. But, the recipe comes together easily for a comforting dinner at home.
  4. Vegetable Bolognese by Another Food Blogger
    This dish is one delicious way to get the kids, or anyone to eat more veggies. Vegetable bolognese feels super elegant. The recipe is easy to prepare anytime.
  5. Lemon Pesto Chicken Kabobs by Flavor the Moments
    Give the grilled chicken a delicious flavor and an appealing presentation with this kabob recipe. These are fun to make and eat!
  6. Basil Stuffed Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin by Simply Happenings
    This basil stuffed pork tenderloin easy to make. And filling! This makes for an awesome family dinner that doesn’t require too much of a fuss.
  7. Italian Braided Pesto Bread by Saporito Kitchen
    This braided bread has basil pesto layered into it. The results are both visually stunning. And mouth-watering!
  8. Shrimp Pesto and Grits by Gypsy Plate
    Serve up a dish of comfort with this shrimp pesto with grits recipe. Enjoy this colorful shrimp pesto dish. It is so delish!
  9. Spinach and Bacon Pesto Pasta by Sip Bite Go
    This good-for-you dish. It is so colorful and full of savory flavors. Eating healthy never looked so amazing.
  10. Pesto Crescent Roll Twists by Vegan in the Freezer
    Twist-up a batch of these pesto crescent twists for an appetizer or to accompany a pasta dinner. These pesto twists are so tasty! You won’t want to stop at one.
  11. Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad by She’s Not Cookin’
    This pesto chicken pasta salad would be awesome at a BBQ or potluck. Or use it for meal prepping lunches too!
  12. Pesto Fries by Bottom Left of the Mitten
    As if fries aren’t tasty enough as is, this recipe takes them up a notch with the addition of pesto. Yum!
  13. Grilled Peach and Pesto Pizza by Burrata and Bubbles
    Prosciutto, grilled peaches, and pesto form the perfect pizza for summer. This pie rivals any fancy pizza place!
  14. Tofu and Pesto Sandwich by Plant Based on a Budget
    This vegan sandwich has such big flavors! It is bound to fill you up and have you planning to make this again.
  15. Sausage Gnocchi with Red Pesto by Tastes of Homemade
    This hearty sausage gnocchi has delicious red pesto included for a filling meal that everyone will want to dig into!
  16. Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta by DearCreatives This tasty recipe is so easy to make and done in 30-minutes. Great for any night of the week!
Recipes Using Pesto - Make any of these recipes using pesto for lasagna, gnocchi, pizza, bread, grilled vegetables, side dishes, dinners...List of recipes with pesto @ DearCreatives.com

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  1. Recipes
  2. Ravioli With Broccoli Pesto
  3. Spaghetti With Garlic (and Italian Parsely)
  4. Pesto Bread Sticks via Taste of Home (We’ve made this recipe. It’s easy and good!)

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