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The dog days of summer are here. And with the heat on, back to school around the corner, my creativity has been lacking. How about you? But, there is a light at the end of the crafting tunnel. CreativeBug is having a big sale! This means you can spark your creativity and crafting skills with online classes!

CreativeBug - Huge sale on online arts and crafts classes. 1000's of online classes to pick from. Find out more at

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Online Crafting Classes

Do you know what CreativeBug is? It’s where you can take online crafting classes, sewing classes, art classes… Not only are there online craft classes for adults, but they also have craft classes for kids and teens. You sign up and get access to any of the classes you would like to take.

This is perfect for the end-of-summer projects and crafting with the kids before they go back to school. There are so many ideas, choices, and options for crafting! Ok, ok, ok. onto the sale at CreativeBug!

CreativeBug Sale

How much does CreativeBug cost? Right now these are the most current promo codes and offers.

5 months for $5! Yes, that is just one of the deals for online arts and craft classes!

Or if you already know and love taking online classes… Get A CreativeBug Subscription Take 50% off a whole year! Just $35 (reg. $71.40)

Not sure if this is right for you? You can get a free trial to check it out (60 days free)!

I have loved the online classes that I have taken there! A few of the online classes I have taken are for canning tomatoes and canning jam. One of my favorite online art (art and business) classes I have taken is Building A Creative Brand. I have also taken classes with free sewing patterns…There are so many more classes being offered and that I’d like to take online. I honestly think they offer some of the best online crafting classes!

This is the perfect time to focus on art, crafts, and creative classes with the kids (and college students) heading back to school. As a mom (and now empty nester) investing in me-time is so important. But, these online classes are for EVERYONE! Plus, learning and creativity are so much fun!

CreativeBug Classes To Take

  1. Daily Sketchbook Practice perfect for getting in the habit of art journaling… Each week you’ll explore a new medium including pencil, ink, colored pencil and oil-based crayons. You’ll add words and details to bring balance to the page . Finish up the month with techniques. Turn your sketchbook spreads into even more artistic projects and paintings. Pop over to find out more.
  2. Working With Collage – I find classes like this fun. Work with design and collage elements. Cut out shapes… Pop over to find out more. You can do this on paper or in a journal format. This is great for anyone who wants to be creative but, doesn’t feel they can paint or draw.
  3. Beginning Online Sewing Classes – There are over 70 beginning sewing classes to pick from! Seriously, this is a skill anyone can do! Once you get started sewing, you will love all the things you can make! Already sew find over 42 quick sewing classes or search their other online sewing classes right on their site!
  4. Learn to knit, crochet, make jewelry. There are too many online craft classes to mention!
  5. Pop over here to see all the 212 kids and teens crafts classes these are online kids crafts classes and online teen crafts classes.

When you sign-up you get all access to any of the online classes that CreativeBug offers! Head over to find out more or sign up!

Try it and let me know what you think! Tag me on Twitter @DearCreatives with what classes you love and take or message me on my Facebook fan page.

Happy Crafting!

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