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Meal Kit Service And Meal Planning: #GetChefd Right To Your Door + Giveaway!

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I had been doing a lot of traveling behind the scenes lately. It can be exhausting meal planning before travel. (for those staying back) Then there are those busy times when I am swamped. It gets to be the end of the day and if I haven’t meal planned I’m scrambling for a dinner. Does that ever happen to you? Today I’m sharing the details of a new meal kit service we tried, along with a giveaway. 

What’s great about a service like Chef’d? It might help you with having meals on hand to cook for when your busy. Or if your out of town that the family can cook when they don’t have time for meal planning. Or want a chef made meal for entertaining company?! (hello holiday season) Or even a dinner date in, or…..and convenience! 

A little back story. Recently when I was gone I asked Sammie how many times her dad prepared a meal for her. Twice was her answer. He can cook but, his work keeps him too busy to balance work, shopping and getting the meal ready on time. My head sank, as I know they either ate fast food, got pizza or went to a restaurant. Chef’d would of been perfect for them when I was gone. 

meal kit service meal planning Chefd Why you should try a meal kit service review and giveaway

Meal Kit Service


Let me introduce you to  a meal kit service. It’s a meal service where you can order meals with no subscription, no membership fees. You can see great options created by top chefs. They have lots of yummy meals to choose from. All fresh, pre portioned ingredients that arrive at your door within 48 hours or less! I ordered mine and even had the option of next day! What?? I was totally impressed with that! Right to my door, kept cool and ready for cooking. *PS You don’t have to be there to receive it! 

meal kit service meal planning Chefd meal box kits DearCreatives.com

Of course there are customization options, 2-4-and even 8 person options. Which is great if your planning a small dinner party or even just want to order in for a dinner date. Yep, have a chef created meal kit service for it. What’s not to love about that?? I could name drop but, visit their to see all the chefs.

Chef'd meal planning and recipes DearCreatives.com

It’s a really easy service to use too. Pick your meal/meals, types of meals such as gourmet, family friendly, quick & easy, weight watching …., (yes, there is vegan / vegetarian options) pick how many servings, customize it, order. Then you pick your delivery day; 48 hours later or sooner, receive and cook it. All meal kits come with recipe cards with photos, the website has instructional video tips. All are ice packed to keep food at safety temps. You can recycle their packing materials and we did!

Meal Kit Service 

meal kit service meal planning chefd meal kit DearCreatives.com

I really searched the site to find one meal I wouldn’t typically make for us and two meals that are typically like how we cook at home. For the gourmet type meal I picked the Veal Bolognese as it’s an Italian meal I typically wouldn’t make.

meal kit service Meal Planning Chefd Veal Bolognese DearCreatives.com

We ordered portions for 2 people vs. 4 person and had leftovers as I read in the reviews the portions were big for this meal. It was good and I loved the ricotta cheese that came in this for the garlic ricotta toasts. (personally I would of preferred a French bread baguette for this vs. bread that was sent but, that cheese made up for it!) The directions were easy to follow and had this meal ready in about 40 minutes.

meal kit service meal planning Chefd Greek Chicken Salad without the chicken added DearCreatives.com

The next meal I picked was the Greek Chicken Salad and was ready in 25 minutes! This was super good and quick to prep to have in on the table in no time flat! I also preferred it as it is more like a meal we would eat daily vs. an indulgent meal. 

meal kit service meal planning chicken for Greek Chicken Salad DearCreatives.com

I ordered the 2 person and the chicken portions were perfect for 2 (2 good sized chicken breasts) and plenty of extra salad fixings to make an entire extra salad. Want to see it plated pretty? Visit their site. I made this late one night so I barely got these two photos. No left overs on this meal except for the extra salad I made. 

meal kit service meal planning breakfast blueberry honey oats Chefd DearCreatives.com

They even sent me a sample of one of their breakfasts to try. Yes, there are healthy meals and breakfasts on their site 300 recipes to pick from!

Meal Kit Service Giveaway

Now, that you have most the details for their meal kit service go over to and tell me what you would order if you won a $25 gift card. It’s that easy! Then enter your answer in the Rafflecopter. Of course you can earn more entries by viewing Rafflecopter tasks. USA readers only (sorry international friends) 

I will say that the some of the chef meals aren’t inexpensive but, they have sourced quality ingredients. A lot of which were I live you can’t get. And there are affordable choices when you add up the convenience of it all, along with the quality of ingredients and service. Scrolling through the site’s options you’ll find what suits your needs. These are meals that aren’t your typical average dinner. They are chef inspired and created meals. 

Use the hashtag #GetChefd for social media. You’ll find them on FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclosure: We did receive a gift certificate to try the meal kit service ourselves but, no other compensation was received. We always share our honest thoughts when trying out services or products. We are only hosting the giveaway, the prize will be provided from Chef’d (or their marketing department) 

Have you tried a meal kit service before?

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