Recap Project Runway Season 11 Week 4

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Dear Creatives, Have you been keeping up on Project Runway? Last weeks Week 4 challenge was to work with hardware & flowers to create their look. Does this have you thinking ; what are they thinking? But, honestly the whole premise of the show is to show your skills, promote thinking outside of the box to see what designs the designers can come up with using the judges parameters. Then sending their designs down that runway! As Heidi says, “One day your in & the next you are out.” Maybe just off this playing field anyway as most the designers are bringing quite a bit of experience with them. Here is the final tally on Project Runway Season 11 Week 4:


Project Runway Season 11


Kate from team Keeping It Real had immunity. The judges felt that Joesph Aaron’s futuristic boxy design wasn’t making the cut. Layana had a very whimsical & fairy like design, but didn’t win this week. ( just under the favorite book) The judges picked Samantha’s design for her use of laying the flowers under the mesh wire. At one point she was struggling a bit, but really stuck to her original vision & it payed off for her. It was amazing seeing all the dresses & creativity that came out of this challenge, even the judges had a bit of a rough time picking between the top designs.

Honestly I have seen some exciting challenges, but loved  this for the use of hardware & floral s. I am a bit bias when it comes to working with flowers, but couldn’t of dream this one up. I also noticed that people are upset with the team concept this season, but when it comes down to the judges of the individuals it is much the same only they eliminate from the losing group. Like in any work environment the weakest end up leaving first. Now when they get to the cream of the crop is that going to make it harder or easier for them? We will see.

This coming week is going to be interesting as Keeping It Real Team has lost so many of their team the judges added a few from the Dream Team to balance the teams out. It will be interesting to see the dynamics of how the new team members interact on the new team. If you haven’t checked out this Project Runway’s Season yet be sure to on Thurs. 9/8 c on Lifetime. Do you want to check out all the floral & hardware week four runway looks?

Project Runway Week 4 Runway Looks

Project Runway ScoreCard

Are you keeping score? 4 are out & 12 designers are still in the running! Want to see how the Project Runway Season started? You might like this:

Project Runway Season 11 “Get Out Your Scorecard”

PS. Another fashion show is coming back soon. Season Two Fashion Star is right around the corner, but more about that later.

Who is your favorite Designer so far in this Seasons Project Runway? 



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