Fashions Trending Right Now That You Can Mix And Match To Your Style

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We had been getting ready to head out to NYC. You know what that means? Fashions! We are leaving our small rural town to visit the big apple. We love seeing all the style, big city lights and things to do. Since we are fashionistas we love NYC for all the street styles and of course shopping. Trend spotting is so much fun. We can’t wait.

Fashion shopping is pretty slim picking for us where we are. Typically we shop online. But, after heading to the pumpkin patch I asked Sammie if she wanted to head over to our stores to see if we could find a few things for our trip.

I loved what I’ve been seeing online lately and we’ve been hoping to update our wardrobes with a few items. When we first got there looked over things, walking the racks. We spotted a few things we loved that we ended up purchasing and thought we’d share our purchases with you today. We hope this helps you find a few fall fashions to add to your wardrobe.

Fashion Trends;

fashions-for-fall-that-are-classic-yet-trendy so many styles to pick from that you can mix and match into your wardrobe

Sammie has a lot of clothes from updating her wardrobe at the end of summer. For our trip really only needed a dress or pretty outfit if we go somewhere nicer.


She had picked up a burgundy velvet dress for homecoming, that could be used for NYC too. 

We spotted a faux suede skirt that was so cute. I said you need to try this on. We paired it with several tops but, she loved it with the lace collared top. She has cute oxfords to pair them with she picked up last fall.

For me, I just needed a few tops to pair with my nice jeans. We are trying to only pack carry on bags so mix and match fashions are key to minimizing our needs. Mixing and matching makes creating more than one look easier when grabbing things to wear from your closet or in our case suitcase.

Pick colors you love wearing and purchase key pieces to add into your wardrobe. Before you know it you’ll have multiple outfits you can wear from a few key pieces. Similar to the capsule wardrobe concept. There’s a video below to help for styling with less.

 Fashion picks;

LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Faux-Suede Moto Jacket – Women’s • 
Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Faux-Suede Skirt • 
Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Lace Collar Tank • 
LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Plaid Velvet Empire Dress – Women’s •  
Women’s Jennifer Lopez Shirred Lace-Up Top • JLO by Jennifer Lopez • 
Women’s  Modern Fit Faded Straight-Leg Jeans • 

What fashions are trending right now?

  • Striped Sweaters
  • Lucite Earrings
  • Fringe Sweaters
  • Chiffon Dresses
  • Tops with Bell Sleeves
  • For jackets both Moto and Bomber styles

Before you head out to see your favorites you might like this video for styling your mix and match styles. I think I’ll definitely try adjusting my wardrobe to be more of a capsule collection. My closet could use a little purging. I already keep it color, style coordinated. Stay tuned for our photos in the outfits and more fashion stylings.

Do you prefer fashions that are trending or classic? Or do you mix and match styles? Have you started a capsule wardrobe?

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