22 Raspberry Dessert Recipes That You Will Love!

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Are you looking for a dessert to make using raspberries? This list of 22 Raspberry Dessert Recipes is for you. Use this list of recipes using raspberries for celebrations, parties, holidays, Valentine’s Day desserts, birthdays, or just to make for the family! 

Our season for raspberries is long. Occasionally we get them early with them being grown in local hot houses. It’s not uncommon to find them in Early April and May or earlier where we live. It doesn’t matter where you pick up your raspberries from. Try your local hot house, farmers market, and grocery store. If you can’t find in-season raspberries some of these desserts can be made with frozen raspberries. Frozen ones are picked at the height of the season, and then flash-frozen, which is why they are good to use too.

Looking for something else to make, bake, or cook? See all our list of recipes to get ideas! Or visit our recipe index. 

Raspberry Recipes 


Raspberry Recipes So many great raspberry recipes to pick from in this recipe roundup from desserts, frozen treats, cookies and drinks all made with raspberries.

We think you will love making any raspberry desserts, treats and drinks. 

Typically the season for raspberries is mid-summer. But, watch for them earlier if you’re in warmer climate areas sooner. Frozen ones are picked at the height of the season, and then flash-frozen, which is why they are good to use too.

List of Raspberry Dessert Recipes For

  • cakes
  • cupcakes
  • pies
  • cookies
  • fudge
  • slab pie
  • cheesecake
  • sangria

Raspberry Dessert Recipes

This is a list of dessert recipes and drinks… that you can make using fresh or frozen raspberries. Each recipe will tell you when frozen raspberries can be an option and used in the recipe. 

  1. Raspberry Chocolate Sticks
  2. Raspberry Cake
  3. Raspberry Brownie Bites
  4. Raspberry Sangria
  5. Raspberry Dressing
  6. Raspberry Crepe Cake
  7. Raspberry Vanilla Bean
  8. Raspberry Brownies
  9. Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes
  10. Frozen Raspberry Chocolate Pie
  11. Raspberry Cookie Cups
  12. Raspberry Cake with Vanilla Cream
  13. Raspberry Dream Poke Cake
  14. Raspberry Pastries
  15. Chocolate Raspberry Brownies
  16. Raspberry Cream Cake 
  17. White Chocolate Raspberry Fudge
  18. Raspberry Cookies
  19. Raspberry Slab Pie
  20. Raspberry Marble Cheesecakes
  21. Raspberry Coffee Cake
  22. Raspberry Pavlova
raspberry jam easy canning recipes for both canning and freezing
Easy Raspberry Jam
  • One of our favorite recipes is our Raspberry Crumble Bars a slightly adapted recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. This recipe was made years ago and we will have to update the recipe’s images. It’s well worth trying, it is delicious and easy to make.
  • Do you can? We love making raspberry jam. It’s straightforward to do in small batch canning or freezing. Raspberry Jam Recipe *canning or freezer method. 

What types of raspberry recipes do you enjoy making? 

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