Delicious Must-Make Key Lime Recipes

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Key Lime Recipes are so good. Pucker up for these sweet desserts that will have you running down to the stores to grab limes or key limes! Besides the recipe I tried, I decided to make a list of more ideas to make! Enjoy these choices to pick from to try yourself. I hope you enjoy this must-make key lime recipe list! 

Most of the recipes are for key limes but a few are for just limes. The difference between the two is key limes are more flavorful, a bit seeder, smaller, and have thinner rinds. Key limes are known for a bit tart and bitter flavor. Looking for something else? See our lists of recipes

Key lime is my second youngest daughter’s favorite. When I go to visit her I love sharing new key lime recipes I’ve found. We always celebrate getting to visit together with a treat sometime during our stay. You’ll find recipes good for holidays, gatherings, picnics, birthdays, or just because you would like something sweet…

Key Lime Recipes

Key Lime Recipes | Key Lime Recipes Collage

15 Recipes Using Key Limes and Limes. Try recipes for fudge, pie, frozen desserts, cookies, mousse, crockpot squares, cocktails…

List of Key Lime Recipes 

  1. Skinny Key Lime Pie PopsShaken Together Life
  2. Key Lime Pie FudgeLove Bakes Good Cakes
  3. Individual Frozen Key Lime PiesThis Silly Girl’s Life
  4. Key Lime Pie Cookie CupsShaken Together Life
  5. Key Lime Sugar CookiesA Dash of Sanity
  6. Key Lime Pie ShootersDomestic Superhero
  7. Frozen Key Lime MartiniWho Needs a Cape?
  8. Florida Blueberry Key Lime PieKrystal’s Kitsch
  9. Key Lime MousseHappy Hour Projects
  10. Key Lime BarsCrock-Pot Ladies
  11. Key Lime Pear CocktailJust Us Four Blog
  12. Homemade Key Lime CurdLiving Better Together
  13. Key Lime Pie with MeringueTinned Tomatoes
  14. Key Lime Pie with Browned Butter Crumb Crust – Table and Hearth
  15. Key Lime Pie Cupcakes – Clever Pink Pirate

Key Lime Recipes |Lime bars

One lime recipe I tried recently was this Creamy Lime Squares recipe. It was easy to put together with step-by-step images. Then you have to wait for it to set up. I really loved the way it tasted the powdered sugar sprinkled on top of the key lime counterbalances the tartness of the limes. Making this one delicious lime dessert! 

The Pioneer Woman’s Key Lime Pie with step-by-step images to help you make your own. The mother of all key lime pie recipes is Paula Dean’s Bubbas’s Key Lime Pie it only takes 30 minutes to put together,  15 minutes to bake, set overnight, and serves 8. 

A common question about making key lime and lime recipes is can you use the bottled lime juice? This article “using bottled lime juice” will help you decide.

What’s your favorite dessert recipe? 

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  1. first off, I LOVE key lime ANYTHING! Second, you are an AMAZING photographer! Those photos of all the key lime yummies–WOW! I bet they taste delicious, but holy smokes! Your photography skills are EXCELLENT! Now I have to decide which ones of these I want to try first. Key lime is AWESOME during the summer. I might go for a frozen one. Who am I kidding? They all look delicious!

    1. Hi Ashley, I can only take credit for the last image in the post. This is a round up of other’s recipes and images. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. It’s a great roundup! Unfortunately it’s very hard (=impossible) to get lime here.
    You have no idea how much I’d like to bake with lime 🙂

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