Paper Plate Bunny Craft With Lacing Activity for Kids

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Are you looking for paper plate crafts? Or paper plate craft animals to make? Make this Paper Plate Bunny with lacing activity. Help your kids learn to hand sew and have fun making a paper plate bunny. Use our how to for the bunny template and instructions for making this lacing craft.

Have fun with your kids on a snow day, rainy day or hot day indoors. Make this kids craft for a holiday like Easter when you are looking for bunny crafts. When you are done with this post see all our crafts for kids

Today’s craft for kids is a fun activity for pre school or age kids in the lower grades to help them with lacing, eye hand coordination and manual dexterity. Older kids might enjoy making this on their own.

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Paper Plate Bunny

Paper Plate Craft Animals - Paper Plate Bunny - crafts for kids grab the bunny template, instructions and make this craft with your kids. Have them learn how to lace, beginning hand sewing and more.

Craft Supplies you will need for today’s craft are easy to grab. You probably will have most of them at home if you are a crafter. 

Paper Plate Craft Supplies for making a Paper Plate Bunny kids activity.

Supplies for this paper plate craft 

  1. Yarns: color suggestions pink and light pink (or what you have on hand)
  2. Paper plate
  3. Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Hole punch
  6. Markers: pink and black or your pick of colors 
  7. Glue stick
  8. Googly Eyes  Or Peel and Stick Googly Eyes

You might have a lot of the art and craft supplies at home already if you craft with your kids often. Just pull your craft supplies out to get started on this rabbit paper plate craft. 

Instructions – How to make this bunny craft

Step 1. Cut the paper plate as shown - See full directions for paper plate craft animals at

Step 1. Cut down the sides of the plate to create two bunny ears and round out the bottom. I used the round center circle (such as a coffee lid container or plastic container or use a drawing compass and ruler as a guide for the edge of the ears as well as the rounded bottom.

Step 2. Glue bunny ears to paper plate bunny. Full how to at

Step 2. Take the two ends and glue them to the top of the plate to create ears. Round out the tops of the ears or leave them pointy.

Step 3. making the template for the bunny paper plate craft. See how to for this craft for kids at

Step 3. Fold the plate in half and draw a half heart on the fold.

How to and where to punch holes for this paper plate lacing craft. full directions at

Step 4.Keeping the plate folded, hole punch around the half heart, around the ears and three holes at the side of the head for whiskers.

Tape yarn and start to lace see full directions for this lacing craft at

Step 5. Now lets lace! Use a small piece of tape at the end of the yarn to prevent it from fraying.

Lacing the bunny ears on the paper plate. full directions for this craft for kids at

Step 5.a Lace around the boarder of the ears, then between them creating any pattern you’d like.

Starting to lace around bunny nose See this fun kids paper plate craft at

Step 5.b Repeat the same process for the heart nose.

laced bunny nose on paper plate. use this kids craft for teaching kids to sew. See directions and kids activity at

Step 5.c Continue lacing the heart nose. Tie the loose ends on the back of the plate.

Adding whiskers to the bunny - hand sewing for kids directions at

Step 6. Use light pink yarn and lace from one hole on the side of the nose to the holes on the edge to create whiskers.

Finish having the kids lace the bunny nose. How to and bunny template directions at

Step 6.b Finish making the lacing for the whiskers on the bunny face. 

Add googly eyes by gluing on to paper plate and draw bunny mouth with a marker. Directions for this paper plate craft at

Step 7. Glue on some large google eyes and draw some eye lashes and a smile.

Paper Plate Craft

Paper Plate Craft Animals - bunny paper plate craft for kids. See how easy this lacing kids activity is at #paperplate #bunny #kids #craftsforkids #dearcreatives

Step. 8 You finished the laced bunny! The bunny craft is now ready to display!

Hope you enjoy this fun kids activity and craft for kids. Be sure to share how your kids craft turns out by tagging us on social media @dearcreatives #dearcreatives with your photos. Or by pinning the post and sharing your images or comments on the pin you tried. 

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