Unicorn Craft – Easy Mini Unicorn Canvas

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We are sharing a new unicorn craft. You can make this yourself or you can have it be a craft for kids. These are so easy to whip up for gifts or favors. When it’s finished you end up with unicorn room decor, hang this unicorn canvas or set it on your desk. All you need is a mini canvas and a few other paper supplies to create this easy craft project. Who is up for making unicorn diy? 

You might remember when I shared this Unicorn Craft Frame DIY , Unicorn Dream Catcher or this Unicorn Mask for Kids. See all our Unicorn DIYs. Check out these unicorn crafts when your done. Do you see my unicorn wink?

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Unicorn Craft 

unicorn diy - diy unicorn room decor. Make this mini unicorn canvas can be a kids craft or a unicorn craft for a birthday party. DearCreatives.com #unicorndiy #unicorncrafts #unicorn #diy #kidscrafts #roomdecor #kidsparty #kidspartyideas #dearcreatives

You can use this for room decor. OR add this unicorn paper craft as an activity for a birthday party. Making it a unicorn craft for a birthday party. Think of how much fun the kids would have crafting a unicorn to take home as a “unicorn” party favor


Sticker EyeLashes (or at your local Hobby Lobby)  
Mini Canvas (any size from 3.5 inch to 5 inch or larger if you want)

Unicorn Paper Craft 

craft supplies for a unicorn diy. Step 1 cut out a unicorn horn See full unicorn kids craft on DearCreatives.com

1. Take your sheet of gold glitter paper and cut out a unicorn horn. (if your kids are really small you can cut the horn out for them)

Step 2. Glue the gold glitter unicorn horn onto your mini canvas. See full unicorn diy at DearCreatives.com

2. Glue the gold glitter unicorn horn onto your mini canvas.

unicorn craft for a kids party Step 3. Now take your flowers and glue_stick them onto your canvas. See this easy kids craft at DearCreatives.com

3. Now take your flowers and glue/stick them onto your canvas. Make sure to position the flowers where so they cover the edge of the unicorn horn.

4. Stick_glue on your eyelashes and hearts. See full easy unicorn craft at DearCreatives.com

4. Stick/glue on your eyelashes and heart shaped cheeks. 
unicorn mini canvas kids craft or room decor See full unicorn diy at dearcreatives.com
5. And just like that you have yourself a mini canvas unicorn!

Use this for Unicorn Room Decor

unicorn diy is easy enough for kids, can be used as a kids party activity or just as a simple unicorn craft. the end result is unicorn room decor. See how at DearCreatives.com #unicorndiy
  • Perfect to set up on your desk or hang on a wall.

Make this as a Kids Party Activity

  • For A Kids Party; You can set up a station with the craft supplies which you can get in bulk on Amazon or at your local craft store. The kids can make them at the station (with supervision) then when completed the kids can take the finished unicorn craft home as a unicorn party favor. 
  • Note: You will have to cut the triangle for the unicorn horn for the smaller kids. (or have them pre cut. This can be done by hand or by using a SVG file, or designing one and cutting them with your Cricut.)

Make this as a Kids Craft 

  • Or this craft them at home with your kids. It’s never too early for kids to learn how to craft. Even toddlers can help with this one as it’s mainly gluing and sticking things on the canvas.
  • This craft for kids makes the best rainy day activity or snow day activity. But, if it’s sunny out take the kids outside to craft on the patio. We love doing that. What’s better than sunshine and crafting in the spring and summer? 
  • For smaller kids pre cut the unicorn horn. 

unicorn diy this is an easy unicorn craft project that kids can make. Use it for a kids party, kids activity...The end result is a mini canvas that they can hang as room decor. DearCreatives.com #unicorndiy #unicorncrafts #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #kidsparty #unicornroomdecor

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Unicorn Craft - Easy to whip up mini unicorn canvas. Cut, glue, sticker kids activity or craft for kids. This can be an adult craft too if you are looking for a quick and easy party favor or gift for a unicorn lover- DearCreatives.com #unicorncraft #unicorndiy #kidscrafts #unicorns #partyfavor #canvas #easy #quick #dearcreatives

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