DIY Bulletin Board – Make It A Shape Or State!

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Are you looking for a fun and easy craft project? This DIY Bulletin Board is just that. With a few craft supplies, a printed image you can make a decorative bulletin board.

It’s been a while since I upcycled a bulletin board (link later in the post) for Sammie but, I had leftover corkboard which is what she used for this craft project. By the way is easy to buy online if you don’t have any. She has been making gifts for close friends as she is moving out of state to head to college. You can use this idea any time to make a bulletin board. 

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DIY Bulletin Board 

DIY Decorative Bulletin Board - Quick, easy, fun DIY gift idea. This DIY can be used as a teen craft or an adult craft. Cut or paint any shape. Get instructions at DearCreatives.com

Sammie made a homemade card to go with her bulletin board in the shape of a state and added a photograph of herself and her friend. The heart is painted and placed on the area we live in.

DIY Decorative Bulletin Board

This project makes a great teen craft, adult craft or DIY gift idea! Use the bulletin board for post it notes and reminders! You can use it for dorm room decor too. What shape would you use for your decorative bulletin board? 


How To Make A Decorative Bulletin Board
DIY Cork Board - Easy ways for how to make your own cork board designs to hang and pin all your notes, memos and photos on! DearCreatives.com


Step 1 

Find and print (resize if needed – We use programs like PicMonkey) the outline of the state or shape you want to cut out. 

Step 2 

Place the printed outline over the cork tile or cork roll. (If just painting it onto the corkboard do the same.) You can use painters tape or masking tape to hold it in place while working. 

Step 3

Cut out the outline of the shape with an X-Acto Knife. If painting it onto a corkboard omit this part and outline the shape with a chalk pencil or pencil or pen. 

Step 4 

Paint your shape or state. Let paint dry. 

Step 5 

Paint heart. Let paint dry.

Step 6

Hot glue a ribbon or string/twine on the back for hanging (not necessary if painting onto a corkboard).

Step 7

Add cute bulletin board push pins and a photograph. 

That’s it! You are done. Now gift it to someone or hang it up to use for notes and reminders. You can include post-it notes, a nice pen, or other useful items with the homemade gift!

Here’s a video I found that is similar to how Sammie made this. The only difference is our is a single layer (our cork may be thicker) and she painted hers. But, this video tutorial will really help you visualize the written instructions!

DIY Cork Board 

Happy Crafting!! 

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DIY Decorative Bulletin Board - Quick, easy, fun DIY gift idea. This DIY can be used as a teen craft or an adult craft. Cut or paint any shape. Get instructions at DearCreatives.com

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