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Are you ready to get crafting? We are sharing a unicorn jar DIY. Make one unicorn jar or decorate several unicorn jars with this unicorn DIY There are so many uses for them such as unicorn centerpieces. They are also perfect for the party season; from kids unicorn parties to unicorn baby showers.

Make this diy for unicorn gifts, unicorn party favors or table toppers , centerpieces and even for unicorn decor.

Girls and guys grab your jars, empty candle jars or other empty jars with lids because it is it’s time to get crafting. Now, if you don’t have an empty candle jar you could use another type of jar such as a mason jar. Follow the same directions to make a unicorn mason jar DIY.

Unicorn Jar DIY

Unicorn Jar Topper - This unicorn jar diy is easy to make for your parties or for unicorn centerpieces. Find this diy so many more unicorn diys at DearCreatives.com #unicornjardiy #unicornjartoppers #unicornjars #unicorndiycenterpieces #dearcreatives

I don’t know about you but I have been obsessed with burning candles. I have to admit it’s partly because I have dogs, and it’s been raining a lot which means wet dog hair. Can I just say that isn’t magical but, this project is. Anyway, I have been cleaning out the jars to create new craft projects with them. It’s super easy to clean out the jars. I have hacks for you that makes it so easy! 

This unicorn craft can be an adult craft or teen craft. 

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How to make a unicorn jar topper

Supplies for making a unicorn jar topper. This is an easy diy unicorn craft find this step by step tutorial with images at DearCreatives.com

Craft Supplies you need to make this unicorn project 

We sourced suppliers to help you select the best items for this project and give you resources for the supplies. 

How to remove candle wax from a candle

How to remove candle wax from a jar. Easy hack so you can reuse jar in crafts. 3 different methods to use. DearCreatives.com

Empty/clean out your candle jar. Hack! Fill your candle with (warm-hot) water and let it soak for a few minutes or longer. The wax at the bottom of the candle should pop out! You can pop it into the freezer, let it freeze then use a butter knife to break up and pop out your candle wax. 3 methods for removing candle wax from a candle jar. Be sure to wash your jars out with soap and water completely, then dry before crafting your unicorn project. (Or other crafts)

When you have your clean jar with lid follow these instructions for assembling your unicorn craft. 

Step by step Instructions for unicorn jars

  1. Take your white paper and line your candle. Trim any extra paper.
  2. Glue the unicorn horn onto the candle lid.
  3. Then glue the flowers. 
  4. Now it’s time to stick those eyes onto your candle. You can also draw eyes onto the glass with a sharpie. 
  5. Place the lid back onto your jar. 

How to make a unicorn jar

cutting white paper for decorating and making a unicorn jar topper DearCreatives.com
lining the inside of the jar with white paper

Step 1.Take your white paper and line your candle. Trim any extra paper using scissors (or craft scissors).

Step 2. unicorn diy. Step by step instructions for how to make a unicorn jar topper for gifts, decor, parties, centerpieces. Unicorn diys at DearCreatives.com
glue unicorn horn to lid

Step 2. Glue the unicorn horn onto the candle lid with super glue.

Adding flowers to jar lid with super glue to make a unicorn jar topper. Instructions for this unicorn diy and other unicorn crafts at DearCreatives.com
Step 3. Add flowers to the jar lid with super glue

Step 3. Glue the flowers to the lid of your jar using super glue. (Step 3.) 

Add unicorn sticker eyelashes, felt unicorn eye lashes or draw on unicorn eyelashes to your jar. See how to make unicorn centerpieces and other unicorn diys at DearCreatives.com
Step 4. 

Step. 4 Lastly stick on, glue or draw your unicorn eyelashes onto the jar without the lid on. Now, add the lid back on and your done. 

unicorn jar with flowers - find how to and more unicorn diys at DearCreatives.com

Your first unicorn jar is complete! Repeat the process to make more. 

  • Use your jars as gifts or favors by filling them with wrapped candies or girly items such as unicorn lip gloss, unicorn favors…..
  • Make a bunch of them for unicorn centerpieces and unicorn table toppers. 

unicorn Jars - use this diy to make one or many unicorn jars. Step by step instructions. Use for unicorn centerpieces, unicorn parties, unicorn decor or unicorn gifts. DearCreatives.com #unicornjars #unicornjarsdiy #unicorncenterpieces #unicorndiys

How will you use your unicorn jars? 

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