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20 Must Have Floral Arranging Tips + Ways To Style Flowers For Your Home Or Celebrations

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20 Must-Have Floral Arranging Tips and Ways To Style Flowers For The Home Or Celebrations – Do you want to learn how to style flowers? Make flower arrangements at home or for your home. Or style flowers for showers, celebrations, DIY weddings…We love seasonal flowers that are blooming and creating new centerpieces for our home. Don’t you? Maybe you just received flowers and don’t know how to style them. Well, we are sharing our favorite flower-arranging resources and styling tips. 

On occasion, I buy flowers to add color and create a mood for my home. Do you buy flowers for your home? I have also picked and used flowers from the garden or flowers that were given to me to make my floral arrangements.

My daughters and I make flower arrangements for our celebrations like bridal showers, baby showers, DIY weddings, and when entertaining. You can too! I hope today’s post helps you with your arranging flowers or getting started with styling flowers. 

If this post isn’t what you are looking for check out our other home decor ideas. Below are a few of our other centerpieces and floral posts. Pop over to see those decorating ideas for styling your home with vases and flowers when you are done. You can see a few ideas with faux flowers in a spring centerpiece and for fall centerpiece ideas. But, typically I like to use fresh cut flowers. 

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Style Flowers

Style Flowers - Flower arranging tips at home for everyday, entertaining, celebrations and diy wedding flowers. So many must have tips you never knew! #styleflowers #flowerarranging #tips #flowers #dearcreatives


  1. Table Centerpiece Ideas – Wooden Flower Boxes
  2. DIY Boutonniere 

What we are covering in this post

  1. New vases to use in your flower arrangements
  2. How to style vases
  3. Vases for centerpieces 
  4. Ideas for making your flower arrangements prettier
  5. Flower arrangement designs
  6. Where to get your flowers
  7. How to care for your flowers
  8. Flower arranging and styling tips
  9. Styling Flowers: Online classes for styling flowers
  10. Flower Arranging: Online classes for flower arranging
  11. Online classes for wedding flowers and bouquets
  12. Tips and topics covering: Wedding flowers 

Flower Styling 

Make it Easy!

Are you ready to style flowers in your home? Grab these tips for styling and flower arranging in your home. DearCreatives.com #styleflowers #vasesforcenterpieces #tablecenterpieceideas #centerpieceideas #dearcreatives

I hate reaching into my cupboard and finding the tired, old vases from past flower arrangements that  I received years ago. Not, every arrangement has come in the standard vase but, plenty has. And I’ve kept many of them for styling and displaying my flowers. It’s so nice to find a new vase to add to your home decor. Are you ready to liven up flower arrangements? Or to style flowers in your home? 

Ladies if you think your man (or significant other) is going to hand you a bouquet of flowers this I hope this post helps you. Why use that tired old vase to display your pretty bouquet? Instead of saying yes to the dress, say yes to a new vase!

When you refresh and style flowers into your home, you add beauty to your home, joy and it can also symbolize hospitality.*ref Do you ever walk into someone’s home when they have flowers? How does it make you feel?

For me having flowers in my home lifts my spirits, adds color to my home and makes me feel happier. 

Flower Arrangement Ideas

Vases for styling and Vases for Centerpieces how to style flowers in vases. DearCreatives.com

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Ways to style vases for centerpieces

  1. Style vases on a wood tray. (farmhouse vases or magnolia vases)
  2. Use a farmhouse vase and center it on a table with hydrangeas or other big flowers. (example) Or styled like this with eucalyptus stems
  3. Another farmhouse look arranges bud vases together on a table with flowers. (farmhouse style example) (vases used
  4. Add a bit of glam by using gold; like this gold vase or silver; like this silver mosaic vase instead of clear glass. 
  5. Modern designs; be bold with geometrically designed vases or tribal vases in black and white, white gold vase. (modern style with geometrics) or (styled like this)
  6. Style roses in a round vase. (example) (hand-blown round glass vase, marble tray, glass coffee table, or this faux marble coffee table)
  7. Freshen up your style by trying or using organically shaped glass jars
  8. Keep it styled hip with trendy vases like these cactus vases or these owl vases. Or this ceramic unicorn bowl
  9. Do you want a romantic style in your home? (romantic style like this) ( pink round glass vase with metal stand, ruffled cloth napkins
  10. Another romantic style is pairing vases with or without flowers together with pillar candles.

geometric and tribal vases

How do you like to style your flowers in vases? 

I also like styling flowers in glass sea vases. Don’t be stuck with styling vases with just flowers though, we have put seashells in them that we collect at the beach. Perfect if you have a beachy vibe or beach themes. I also like styling succulents and plants into different size vases. 

When designing your flower arrangements use these styling tips

  1. Odd-numbered items (1, 3, 5 ) create interest
  2. Different heights create interest
  3. Mixing and matching shapes, styles, or sizes 
  4. Using trays, tiered trays, or stands to display your flowers
  5. Use one or two colors of flowers, keep it simple
  6. Arrangements can be uniform and rounded this is great for low vases
  7. Take a class, practice, and don’t be afraid to make changes to the arrangements 
  8. Make sure if creating arrangements for a table they aren’t too high to see over (link to tips for floral heights later in the post) 
  9. Don’t trash shorter flowers use the extras in small vases or teacups 
  10. Use your intuition. Is it visually appealing? If not play around until it is but, be careful of flowers and buds they are gentle and can damage easily (depending on the flower).
  11. Keep flowers cool! They open when warmed up and also droop quickly in heated spaces. 
  12. Cut stems at a 45-degree angle, trim leaves off, and let buds open naturally 
  13. Using wet foam is a great option when creating arrangements in opaque vases  
  • How to style and arrange grocery store flowers (video). 

Flowers and centerpieces for events, weddings, and celebrations

table centerpieces Wedding Table with candles, flowers and lights DearCreatives.com image credit kelly boitano photography laura and charles

This was at my daughter Laura’s wedding. I love this photo but, whoever lit the candle knocked the candle off-center.

  • Be sure to go over details, preview setups, and make corrections before the guests arrive.
  • At this venue the coordinator set up all the displays with our layout plan; after delivering everything to them.
  • In some venues, you have to set up everything yourself.
  • Make sure to know what is included in your venue (priced with or without help or if it’s even available)
  • Head down a bit to see our biggest flower planning tips for weddings and event 

Are you considering doing your own wedding flowers? 

When talking to one of my daughters after happening onto her bridal shower, and wedding photos I asked her how many years will it be now that they have been married. Wow, time flies. I remember the days we created all the floral centerpieces for several weddings in our family.

DIY Wedding Flowers 

wedding flowers in mason jars days before the wedding to allow blooms to open DearCreatives.com © Theresa Huse

I hadn’t been blogging very long but, you can see more photos here and the wedding banner I made. Here the blooms aren’t fully opened we created a few floral arrangements to make sure we had enough flowers from the growers to meet our table setting needs for a rustic wedding setting. These were the unfinished, not all the way open, testers. 

Before the big day, we cut down the stems, pulled any leaves (you don’t want them in the water) grabbed filler, decreased the colors used, and narrowed down the design. I’ll have to hunt for closeups of the flowers.

Looking for other ideas for the bride-to-be or wedding? See our Wedding Ideas too. 

We used blue mason jars and flowers that were in season. I might write an entire post soon to help anyone planning to design, style, and arrange (DIY wedding flowers) flowers for an event. But, I have listed a few resources and wedding flower tips for you below if you are starting to research how to create your own arrangements. Hope this helps get you started with your flower arranging. 

If creating floral arrangements and styling for events it’s basically the same process as flowers for a wedding. 

Style Flowers -diy flowers - Make flower arrangements at home. Tips, flower arranging resources and how to style flowers . DearCreatives.com #styleflowers #flowerarranging #diyflowers #athome #wedding #shoers #events #flowers #tips #howto

DIY Wedding Flowers

Tips For doing your own wedding flowers:

  1. Research Floral Suppliers and Pricing
  2. If nearby Floral Growers – see if they have pricing sheets to buy direct (Do this as far out as you can and talk to them about what flowers will be in season and what color schemes you are going with.) 
  3. Do a test run with flowers to help estimate how many flowers to order
  4. Pick out your vases or containers to go with your venue. (Check floral supply warehouses (best) craft stores, online wedding suppliers… One of my favorites is- save on crafts (I am not an affiliate we have just used them for supplies for events and weddings.) 
  5. Consider what else you will have on the table and spacing (measure; Things to consider: estimate place setting needs, spacing, seating, placement, lighting) 
  6. If you want to save on the pricing of flowers purchase what is in season. Growing, shipping, and handling out-of-season flowers is expensive. 
  7. How many flowers you need will vary on how big your arrangements or bouquets are. (articles like this will help you – with the bouquet and flower arrangement quantities
  8. Do your homework. You want the day to be special. 
  9. Have a team of helpers. It’s better if they have arranged flowers before. Brides, you can not do this alone! 
  10. Keep flowers cool (read styling tips above! and numbers 11, 12, 13) 
  11. Other places to consider pricing for flowers for baby showers, celebrations, and entertaining (Floral departments in the grocery store, Costco, Trader Joes- talk to the manager of the department about your needs) 
  12. Take an online class or read a book see the recommendations below to help you!

Is it worth it to do your own wedding flowers? 

  1. If you have time to dedicate to doing it
  2. Willing to learn and have expert advice or some training
  3. Make a budget just as if you were hiring someone to do them 
  4. Pick out and pick up vases or containers for styling flowers
  5. Have time to pick up the flowers
  6. Time to let the flowers unfold and store them in a cool place for a few days
  7. Do a practice arrangement
  8. Set aside time to make arrangements for the event
  9. Have a larger car, truck, or van to bring flowers to the venue
  10. Set up at the venue (needs to be coordinated with venue for early setup day of the wedding or venue)

It’s a lot of work but, can be done. There is a lot more to making flower arrangements for your weddings or events than you might have thought.

Have you ever helped with creating wedding arrangements or event flower arrangements?

Learn How to Arrange Flowers

One of my favorite floral designers that I follow on Instagram is @TulipinaDesign. She has a book and online classes for styling flowers these classes are mostly for events but, if you are looking for dramatic flower styles you might like her flower classes. 

Online  Flower Classes

I have listed a few other options for learning how to arrange flowers. These are good for getting started and improving your flower arranging and styling skills. If you are going to take DIY, craft or flower classes, or online classes, now is a great time because of this special

Flower arranging (PRO TIPS)

You don’t have to be a celebrity to surround yourself with beautiful blooms! 

 Styling Garlands

Flower Arranging Online Class details

  1. Tablescape
  2. Spiral bouquet
  3. Flower Crowns 
  4. Modern vs. Rustic
  5. Citrus lined vase 
  6. Garlands

Another place I like to take online flower arranging classes 

  • Flower arranging
  • Creating paper arrangements
  • Floral Tape Wrapping
  • Make stenciled vases 
  • Garlands
  • Wreaths
  • Find out more here (Search flowers or flower arranging or other topics of interest)

Style Flowers -diy flowers - Make flower arrangements at home. Tips, flower arranging resources and how to style flowers . DearCreatives.com #styleflowers #flowerarranging #diyflowers #athome #wedding #entertaining #events #flowers #tips #howto

Helpful tips for arranging and styling flowers

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