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How To Stencil a Banner DIY Pumpkin Banner

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Are you ready to make a banner to hang? Or a baby shower banner? This DIY craft project will show you how to stencil a banner!

Make a seasonal banner to hang in the home. Make a banner for the baby-to-be with a saying like “little pumpkin” and hang it at a baby shower. Grab tips and see how to make your stenciled burlap banner for any occasion!

I made a “little pumpkin” banner for a baby shower. And I also made a pumpkin banner to hang in my home. I’m sharing tips and a tutorial so you can make your stenciled banner!

Pumpkin Banner

Pumpkin Banner - It's so easy to make your own banners using burlap blanks, acrylic paint, stencils, and stencil paintbrushes. Stencil a banner on burlap! See how to do it yourself! Read more at DearCreatives

This is an easy project using a precut burlap banner. With a few supplies, you can make a banner for hanging in the home.

But, if you don’t have time to make a project you can purchase a little pumpkin” burlap banner on Etsy. Or shop for seasonal banners.

Have you ever stenciled a banner before? If you haven’t stenciled using paint and a stencil paint brush and stencil set, it’s way easier than you think. I’ll share a few tips to help you to paint a stenciled banner.

The best part is you can use these techniques to make other pumpkin designs and stencil designs. Or make other seasonal banners. Or a banner for celebrations.

How To Stencil a Banner on Burlap



When purchasing the stencils be sure to get the correct size stencils to fit your project (banner of choice). Read the tips below for determining size.


Materials and supplies needed for this project:

When purchasing the precut banners get 1 or 2 burlap banners depending on the size design you are making! Count the letters, spaces, and images going on the banner flags. This will help you determine the size you need.

Have clear water in a cup or bowl. And paper towels on hand for this project. Using painter’s tape or repositionable stencil spray is optional. Get banners that have the string in them it makes it easy to use and hang up!

Dig through your craft stash to see if you have any of the supplies on hand. I keep my supplies organized in bins like this and label them. It makes it easy to find previously purchased supplies I still have on hand to use.


How To Stencil a Burlap Banner

Step-by-Step How to stencil a banner on burlap to make banners, garlands, and baby shower banners. See the tutorial and tips for the burlap banners at DearCreatives.com
  1. Gather all your materials. Set up your workspace.
  2. Pour paint into a small container. Have water in a container and paper towels nearby.
  3. Next, lay out the burlap banner on a craft table or protected table.
  4. Take out the stencil letters you need for the word(s). Position them onto each burlap banner flag.
  5. You want them centered. I used a ruler and a white fabric marking pencil.
  6. Do the same for the pumpkin stencil.
  7. Put the stencils to the side. (Except for the (stencil) one you are working on first.
    (see notes)
  8. Use the paintbrush dry or slightly damp. But, not holding really wet or holding any water any water at all. Dip it into the paint that was poured into a container (adding a minimum amount of paint). Use a paper towel to dab off any excess paint.
  9. Begin by laying the stencil where you marked it to be in the center of the flag/banner section.
  10. Hold, secure, or tape the stencil down. Dab on the paint. Do this by making an up-and-down motion with the paintbrush. Refill the paint as needed repeating the same process until the letter is fully covered in paint.
    NOTE: Do not overload the paintbrush with too much paint.
  11. Once the letter or design is filled in. Carefully, lift the stencil off the project (straight up off the painted surface). Move it to the side away from your work.
    I typically wait until my project is finished to wash my plastic stencils (they are reusable).
  12. Move on to the next letter in the design repeating the process. Continue the steps until the project is done.

Note: You can use the same techniques on other fabric banners or banners using cardstock. The key is using the right amount of paint on the stencil brush and testing the surface of scrap fabric or paper. (See the video tutorial recommendations below).

How To Paint a Pumpkin Using a Pumpkin Stencil

  1. Use a clean, dried, or lightly damp stencil brush (holding no water in the brush).
  2. Add orange paint to it, sparingly. First, apply paint to the bottom of the brush.
  3. Dab test on a paper towel or plate.
  4. Then begin adding the paint over the pumpkin stencil by dabbing up and down motion using the stencil paintbrush. Move across the open spaces of the pumpkin.
  5. Do this until the pumpkin is covered with orange (or another color you pick).
  6. If you want highlights add a little white paint to the orange paint (or other color paint) and repeat the process on the areas you want to highlight. Typically near the top as the pumpkin starts to curve.
  7. For the stem use a clean stencil paint brush that is smaller. Take green paint and use the same steps to cover the stem.

If you are looking for other ideas to make try this easy boo pumpkin craft for real or fake pumpkins (it’s a 30-minute craft). Use it for a Halloween or fall craft by just swapping out paint colors. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for other projects to do! New to stenciling keep reading and get more project tips.

Project Tips:

Pumpkin Banner - It's so easy to make your own banners using burlap blanks, acrylic paint, stencils, and stencil paintbrushes. Stencil a banner on burlap! See how to do it yourself! DearCreatives
  • NOTE: Are you right or left-handed? I am right-handed so I worked left to right. You want to work so you don’t cross over the previously painted/stenciled letter or image.
  • NOTE: Be sure to check your lettering layout before you paint. Just in case the letter or image stencil got moved around!
  • Don’t load the stencil paintbrush with too much paint!
  • Lift the stencil straight up off the project, after stenciling! This reduces paint smearing.
  • Always test the amount of paint on a separate fabric piece or paper towel before applying the paint on the paintbrush to the stencil.

Remember practice makes perfect! If you make a mistake try to clean up areas before they dry!

  • Use a clean wet brush with excess water squeezed out.
  • A clean damp Q-tip.
  • Or a tiny edge of a damp cloth.

But, be careful not to smudge other painted areas.

Tips For Stenciling

Stencil brushes are typically used dry or slightly damp, depending on the effect you want to achieve and the type of paint you’re using. Here’s a general guideline:

  1. Dry Brushing: This technique involves using a dry stencil brush with very little paint on it. This technique is often used for a subtle, faded, or distressed look. Dry brushing creates a soft, textured effect with less defined edges. To do this, load the brush with a small amount of paint and then remove excess paint on a paper towel or palette until the brush feels almost dry. Then, apply the paint to the stencil in a light, stippling, or swirling motion.
  2. Slightly Damp Brushing: If you want a crisper, more solid stencil design, you can use a slightly damp stencil brush. Moisten the brush with a tiny amount of water (just damp, not soaking wet) and then dip it in your paint. This can help prevent paint bleed under the stencil edges and provide a cleaner, more defined result. Make sure not to make the brush too wet, as excessive moisture can also cause smudging or bleeding.

The choice between dry or slightly damp brushing depends on your project’s specific requirements and the effect you desire. Experimenting with both techniques on a scrap piece of material can help determine the best method for your project.

I also like to use a slightly damp brush when the stencil brushes have a lot of loose or misaligned bristles. It helps contain them. I also remove loose bristles that are about to fall off the paintbrush by gently pulling them off the stencil paintbrush. Vs. them falling off while doing the project.

Here are two videos to help you learn how to stencil:

How to Work With Burlap and Stenciling for Beginners.

We hope this inspires you to make a banner. And stencil a burlap banner! We’d love to see what banners you make! Be sure to tag us on social media @DearCreatives

DIY Pumpkin Banner

How To Stencil a Banner

Make your own banners to hang in the home for celebrations, baby showers or as seasonal decor... With a few supplies, these tips, and this tutorial. Stencil a banner on burlap! DearCreatives.com

Do you like DIY crafts? Or DIY home decor projects like this? View our Home Decor Ideas (and Home Decor DIYs). I’ve linked to other craft projects you might enjoy too! Looking for more ideas for fall? Fall Crafts and Fall Craft Ideas.

If you aren’t making a stenciled banner now – Pin it for later! Or share it with a friend. Find more things to make below!

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