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I have the photographers website to share with you and her amazing photographs with some of the items I crafted especially for Laura and Charles’s wedding. Kelly and her assistant Mason did an amazing job of capturing many of the diy wedding ideas we put into place along with the flowers. Here are a few of the photographs and them you can visit her blog to see rest of the photographs! It’s listed below.
When creating your diy wedding be sure to make a list of your must have favorites and narrow it down. Brides be sure to enlist help of others. You have plenty on your plate. Start way in advance. If creating your own floral work for the wedding have someone else be in charge. You can use a wholesale/retail supplier and receive your flowers three days in advance. This will give the flowers time to open up all the way for the wedding. To be most cost effective be sure to purchase what will be in season order way in advance. We did a test run to estimate how many flowers would be needed. Making up a few bouquets to ensure we were as accurate as possible.
All hand crafted items were done a few months in advance so there was limited stress when it came to the time for setting up and finishing details. Be sure to see the diy page for tutorials on many of the hand crafted diy wedding items and more.

wedding banner

Love is Sweet Banner created by Theresa Huse Image Credit Photographer Kelly Boitano
Wedding photo props_ mustache photo props_ Laura and Charles Wedding_
I also created  20 mustaches for taking photo’s with. Here are Charles and Laura trying them out!
Happy Couple_ Wedding Day_
To see all the lovely photographs of the wedding, reception,  flowers we did and hand crafted items visit Kelly’s Tumblr Blog   There are so many great shots of the whole wedding & all the wedding diy’s that were put into place. Below are just a few night photos that didn’t come out super clear but, were some other projects done just for the wedding.
 Love Notes and Wedding Poster
I also created Love Notes banner to be placed by their wedding poster they had out for everyone to sign a love note to the bride and groom on the matte board. On the cards that say Love Notes I glued at the top ribbon and placed some of her grandma and great-grandma’s vintage buttons on them. Sorry, its not the best photographs they were taken at night, but on Kelly’s blog you can see some of the wedding ideas that were made, used and photographed by her with her amazing camera.

We set out an instant camera and the mustaches so everyone could team up and take photos while having fun and also add a note to the couple if they wished. This was a big hit and instant fun!! The floral work with the help of Amy ( my son’s wife) and table-scapes…were done by me. My son created a redwood cake stand for the cake. I hope to share images of that later. It was amazing wedding and time in Healdsburg, CA .

Have you done any crafting or flower work for weddings? Have you created a DIY wedding?

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  1. Hi! I love the ideas with the mustaches! I did all my wedding decorations myself. Flowers, Cake, everything, and I loved every second of it.

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