Roast Turkey Stuffed With Onion Pears And Sage

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How do you cook a turkey? We are sharing How to Roast a Turkey along with our Turkey Recipe that we adapted. It is easy, flavorful, turned out moist and delicious. This roast turkey recipe is stuffed with onions, pears, and fresh chopped sage.

When it comes to any holiday or gathering the hero can definitely be Tom turkey. 

Cooking a turkey is much easier than you think with a few basics on how to roast a turkey you will end up with the best dinner, grab more Thanksgiving dinner ideas

You will want to try this no fail Turkey recipe! We hope you enjoy it on Thanksgiving or anytime you are cooking a festive dinner. 

How to Roast a Turkey

How to Roast A Turkey. See step by step how to cook your turkey, no fail. Easy turkey recipe that is flavorful and turns out perfectly. #turkey #turkeyrecipe #howto #roastturkey #howtocook #simple #easy #nofail #festive #holiday


I love recipes that aren’t complicated. If I find one that sounds good but, maybe it has excess steps? I try to reel it in. Making it easier without losing all the lovely flavors. This turkey recipe we tried was one that was a winner.

See all the steps of how to roast a turkey. This is perfect for anyone who is new to cooking a turkey.

I remember struggling the first few years I cooked a turkey. Oh the mishaps! Back in the day there was no internet. What? You say. How did we ever make it? Calling loved ones and friends to find their tips.

Plus cookbooks, like The Joy of Cooking. I passed this gem on to one of my daughters. 

I’ll just show you how easy it is to cook a turkey in the oven and how we adapted the turkey recipe. Of course point you to the original recipe in case you’d like a gourmet Turkey recipe.

In the end it’s your choice but, if you do end up making either turkey recipe I’d love to hear if you enjoyed it as well. Just tag us on social media @DearCreatives. Pop on our Facebook page or comment here or on the Pinned image.

I’ve update this post from a few years ago. Why? Because it’s our go to turkey recipe. I updated this post,  added a few more resources. Be sure to subscribe, you don’t want to miss out. Now let’s get started cooking this turkey. 

Roast Turkey Stuffed With Onions, Pears And Sage

How to Roast A Turkey Roast turkey With Onion Pears and Sage

Tips for cooking the perfect turkey! Because everyone wants a no fail turkey especially on Thanksgiving. 

How to Prepare a Turkey

  1. We did brine the turkey prior to our recipe steps. (you can see this simple salt brine recipe or this more flavorful brine recipe) We used a simple salt brine. 
  2. Then we prepared what we would stuff inside the turkey. This is super quick, which is great if you have sides to prep or guests at your home.
  3. We make our stuffing separate. It’s highly recommended to do it that way.
  4. These USDA Turkey Guidelines may help you for purchase, defrosting and preparing your turkey. Did you know you shouldn’t rinse your turkey? Since, 2011 they recommend you wipe it out. See guidelines for detailed tips.
  5. Follow the directions below for once your turkey is out of the brine and ready to prepare for roasting. 

Turkey Recipe

How to Roast Turkey 

Peeled and sliced pears and sage on a cutting board

We washed, peeled and cut up several pears. Then we washed fresh sage and cut up one yellow onion.

Stuffing a turkey with sage

Place your turkey in a roasting pan with a rack inside. This is a best seller roasting pan with rack which is slightly bigger than ours.

Then we prepared our turkey which was already cleaned out. If you don’t know how here’s a post that may help you clean and prepare a turkey for stuffing.

Rubbing the outside of a turkey with olive oil

Then we sewed the skin shut with stuffing inside. Next we oiled him up with a little extra virgin olive oil. We do not eat the cooked stuffing. You can read the guidelines below for why. We cook our stuffing separately. (casserole stuffing recipe Thanksgiving stuffing recipe )

Turkey in a roasting pan ready to be put in oven

A dash of salt and pepper was added prior to putting the turkey in the pre-heated oven temperature 450 degrees.

Turkey in a roasting pan in the oven

  1. Place turkey into the oven uncovered.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of space at the top or lower / adjust your oven racks. (check this prior to heating your oven!)
  3. Roast at pre-heated temperature for about 30 minutes, then reduce to 325 degrees following the USDA cooking guidelines for stuffed/or un-stuffed turkey.
  4. For our stuffed turkey 4.35-4.75 hours. *165 Internal temp.
  5. To stuff or not stuff your turkey? If you are asking see this resource

How to Baste Your Turkey

Basting a turkey in roasting pan in the oven

Baste your turkey and check on your turkey during the cooking process.

Last year I broke in my brand new oven we purchased as part of our kitchen remodel we are slowly doing ourselves. I’ve been in love ever since getting it. I was so happy to retired the old, ugly stove we had.

How long do you cook a turkey? 

  1. How long you cook the turkey depends on the size of the turkey, if your turkey is stuffed with make the cooking time vary. You need to calculate the amount of time to cook your turkey under each condition.
  2. Keep basting until close to being done, reaching it’s internal temperature of 165 degrees throughout the turkey. This is the standard guideline for food safe internal turkey temperature. For our recipe we stated it above.
  3. If you are not using our recipe you can read this resource for the turkey’s cooking temperatures. Scroll page for stuffed / un-stuffed cooking guidelines. 

Roast Turkey and images of a turkey being basted

Use a good meat thermometer for checking. What I love about this one is that it has the internal temps. that your shooting for right on the face of thermometer. I also have a classic pocket food thermometer. It comes in handy having two as our family is big and we often times cook two meats.

What do you do if your turkey skin is cooking too fast? 

  • You can take aluminum foil and tent it over the top of the turkey. Leaving sides open for air flow. This will protect the turkey while it finishes getting to the finished temperature. 

Are you ready to cook your turkey? 

Grab this recipe for Roast Turkey Stuffed With Onion Pears And Sage

Roast Turkey With Onion, Pears And Sage

An easy turkey recipe that has delicious flavors and moist. Cook time will vary by size of turkey. See recipe notes for resources. Your turkey is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees. 

Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Keyword how to cook a turkey in the oven, roast turkey, turkey recipe
Author Theresa Huse


  • Brine Your Turkey.
  • Take Turkey out of Brine.
  • Turkey clean it out & wipe it out
  • 1 sweet onion
  • 1 bunch of sage
  • 3-6 pears depending on the size of your turkey
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. Peel and slice pears
  2. Peel and cut up onion
  3. Add cleaned turkey to roasting pan.
  4. Rinse off and pat dry sage
  5. Stuff into cleaned turkey cavity.
  6. Sew Turkey cavity closed.
  7. Lightly cover turkey exterior with olive oil.
  8. Lightly salt and pepper turkey exterior.
  9. Add Turkey to pre-heated oven 450 degrees
  10. Cook for approx. 30 minutes
  11. Reduce heat to 325 Finish cooking until turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees everywhere.

Follow the step by step instructions with images in the post

Recipe Notes

Brine Directions:

Adapted from Adventures In Cooking

For cooking times use this resource for turkey cooking times

Turkey Dinner

You’ll be serving up big plates of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes …. Of course don’t forget your sides of stuffing, and cranberry sauce. There is nothing better than a big Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings and  perfectly cooked sliced turkey.

Are you looking for an easy turkey recipe Try this no fail turkey recipe with step by step instructions for how to roast a turkey. turkeyrecipe #howto #roastturkey #howtocook #simple #easy #nofail


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Thanksgiving Recipes 

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