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Dear Creatives, Christmas is behind us, but maybe not all the gathering, traveling, or indulging that the season brings. Not to mention the guilt, of not being as healthy since the holidays began. Today a bit tired & feeling the winter blues I was looking for color inspiration to cheer me, along with healthy drink & smoothie recipes. Hoping to make some soon to give me an energy boost. With the New Year’s countdown so close I couldn’t wait to share my round-up of smoothie & healthy drink recipes!


Comforting me today is a little honey in my tea & the color of these smoothies while making my healthy grocery list. Just waiting for Old Man Winter to blow by! Happily today I found in a past issue of {Rue} an online magazine via Style & Grace post {healthy smoothies}.On pages 52-53, you can click the circle on the image & grab yourself a healthy smoothie recipe. Well, not just one, but three! I think it’s a toss-up beet berry or peaches & cream. Of course, there is a healthy zesty green smoothie! All gluten-free & dairy free an added bonus for those with dietary restrictions. Since it’s a past spring issue it has a little color to enjoy while flipping pages if you like. Then I decided to share my drink recipe favorites! Whether juicing for health, wanting to create a healthy hot tea or just improving your health you won’t go wrong with these drink & smoothie recipes!

Don’t worry f you are not ready to blend up a smoothie. You can still be a little healthier with these tea & hot drink recipes


Here’s an amazing  free downloadable booklet that will help you discover great new diabetic breakfast options. 20 delicious recipes will wake up your taste buds and cut carbs too!

Do you have a favorite Smoothie or tea recipe?

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