Top Ten Ways To Update Your Homes Style For Seasonal Changes

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When it comes to home decor it doesn’t have to break the bank to incorporate your favorite home decor ideas. Today I’m going to share my top ten ways to get those styled magazine looks without breaking the bank! 

Honestly who has the time or money to spend on making a complete overhaul for every season? How do you update your home seasonally to make rooms look like a styled showroom? Especially if you have kids.

Home Decor Ideas

Today I’m sharing a few tips for updating and creating your must-have living room or family room space. Just by incorporating easy home decor changes to your living space. This will help you keep your budget intact until you are ready for the big changes for your home’s space as in painting, changing color schemes, and buying those big purchases such as sofas, dining tables or storage cabinets. Grab our tips for decorating and make your home special for each season of the year. 

How do you update your home for seasonal changes?

  1. Add seasonal colors with new home decor accents. 


fall home decor ideas

Top 10 Easy and Budget-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Home For A New Season

  1. Use pillows
  2. Add a throw blanket to a chair, sofa or loveseat
  3. Add flowers with seasonal colors to a vase
  4. Purchase a new lamp or swap out a lampshade
  5. Hang a new trendy mirror or a modern mirror
  6. Hang a print, photography or wreath with seasonal colors or images
  7. Add a new table cloth to your table
  8. Use cloth napkins in the latest colors
  9. Put a table runner on an entryway table or piano
  10. Add baskets filled with seasonal items or lined baskets in seasonal colors

Home Decorating Ideas

You can use these same tips listed above for each season. Adding your favorite seasonal colors through the ways listed above. If you do decide to paint your rooms, you might like to read this book before choosing your colors. You can see the changes we made a while ago, here and here.

Of course, right now we are infusing fall colors into our color scheme by using ideas we have listed above. We will do the same for all the seasons and holidays. By swapping out a few seasonal items, and adding a few new seasonal accent pieces. 

Other ways you can get seasonal looks are by purchasing area rugs and throw rugs. Or use them as your anchor by picking a neutral color rug, and adding throws where needed; such as entryways and heavily walked areas. 

Adding useful accent pieces in trendy colors or metallic. Metallic not only can bring you a bit of glam but, it can go with most home decor that you might already have. Just pick a color such as copper, gold, rose gold and silver, and stick to the theme. 

A great pick for that would be this silver Metallic Pouf Ottoman. By adding an ottoman you can set a tray with glasses or just have additional seating. When not in use set a throw blanket on it as shown in the photo for colder months or add to a basket and even add your pillows. Forego that in the warmer months, and add a tray with coasters for iced drinks. 

One of the other ideas we have done is adding faux fillers for bowls and vase fillers. There are so many to pick from. One of our favorites right now is the faux moss and succulent vase filler. I’ll be sharing two easy DIY  tutorials with it soon.

How do you pick a color scheme? 

We have a few examples of seasonal colors below. But, here are free color picking programs for designing color schemes or giving you ideas for colors to use in your home. 

Paint stores also have color picking tools. This article has 6 of the best paint tools color pickers. I have used several of them but, like this Paint Color Picker‘s options. 

Learn about color theory; Guide to Colors. When updating your home for seasonal changes using our list that’s above and seasonal colors choices. Here are choices for color schemes when 

Examples of seasonal colors for decor

Fall Colors 

Use fall colors such as orange, rust, browns, blue, olive colors. 

Christmas Colors

Pick a theme and add colors such as white, red, green, blue, and metallic colors. 

Spring Colors 

Use bright colors like yellows, green, light blue, pink colors. 

Summer Colors

Use summer colors such as light and bright orange, yellows, light blues, light green colors. 

Looking for more ideas for your home?

  1. home decor ideas (with seasonal themes and color schemes).
  2. DIY home decor
  3. DIY Centerpieces – Easy Spring Centerpiece   Easy Fall Centerpieces
  4. Christmas Craft Ideas are a great way to add seasonal colors to your home.
  5. Craft Ideas – find ideas for every season you can make and for your home.

Never miss out on posts and decor ideas! 

What home decor ideas are you crushing on right now? 

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