Home Decor DIY Project: Fall Acrylic Painted Wood Slices

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I have some holiday projects in the works but, today thought I’d share a fall craft project I hadn’t shared yet. A while ago when I was creating a few posts for Deco Art I created two fall craft paintings. I picked the one I thought would make the better tutorial for the site. I have not been painting  daily until I wet my brushes the other day. It’s almost like I need two of me I’ve been so busy. Here’s the fall craft project along with how it was created and a supply list.

I’ve been meaning to share this diy fall pumpkin project but, hadn’t had time to edit the photos until now. I’m not sure when or if my other painting is up on their Deco Art site yet but, I am doing projects for them. YA! I’m part of their blogger/artist network. Honestly I have loved the last two projects (Chalk Paint & the one at the end of the post)

Welcome Fall sign_ falling leaves and pumkins painted on wood round_

This is the one that didn’t make the cut! You know when you don’t exactly love something you’ve painted? It’s juxtaposition, balance, busyness. To me this was slightly skewed as I set out for one thing and made changes along the way.

Close up of fall painting on wood round of pumkins with welcome fall stencil lettering_

The creative process for painting needs experimentation. At least that’s the way I create, learn and grow. Taking risks, sometimes letting things happen.

Sketched out design and beginning painting of welcome fall sign with pumpkins_

Even when you start out with a drafted plan you can get caught up in the paint, let the colors and moment carry you along. I had a feeling my sketch had too much going on but, I wanted to give it a try. You never know sometimes things workout or you work over them. In this case I just left it.

work of fall craft painting_ welcome fall _ pumpkins and leaves falling_

I wanted it to feel like the leaves were falling from the sky. I was planning on just giving a light wash to the background and ended up painting it. I struggled with the color being a bit too muted before (no image) with the lettering. That’s when I went for it. All or nothing with putting on the teal blue background. I left bits of the white peeking through. Added black detailing around the letters.

Fall Crafts_ Painted Pumpkins_Falling Leaves_ Welcome fall_

I think the main thing is there is a lot going on in the tiny area. The thing is if you aren’t close up it doesn’t feel so busy. You see lots of color, shapes and then the welcome fall. On my mantle it sits until I change things up for the holidays. I’m ok with it. It’s not my favorite piece but, there are things I like about it.

Fall Crafts_ Painted Welcome Fall_pumpkins and leaves with sunflower_

Here’s the one I made for Deco Art . When I see the tutorial over there I’ll let you know and link to it. The process for this one is different in the steps and the way it was painted and shared in that tutorial. To me they also look better in person it’s hard to have the camera pick up all the details along with true colors.

Acrylic paint_crafters acrylic gloss_

Here’s a supply list if you want to try making a holiday decor painting;

Here are just a few of the paint colors I used for the project;

You can make your own by sketching first with stencils or by using a pattern of stripes or dots. I can’t wait to share what projects I have coming up next. You can always follow my autumn crafts & diy board, artsy craftsy boards or all the other Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

Do you like one over the other? Which one? Have you ever painted your own home decor signs or artwork?

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    1. Hi Amee, Thanks! Honestly anyone can be artistic it really is just having the materials, practicing and playing. Just like learning anything else. Thanks for pinning!

    1. Hi Ana, A full tutorial will be published on Deco Arts site or blog. But, by using the tools and tips anyone can try to make one by hand or stencils and then paint. Thanks for the compliments!

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