Start Fresh Quick And Healthy Morning Breakfast Ideas!

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We’ve been trying really hard this year to eat healthier. It used to be just a cup of coffee or two and the next thing you knew is it was afternoon. My energy level depleted. If I did have breakfast it  was toast or a bagel, then a sandwich for lunch. Boring! Then Sammie and I went on this kick where we weren’t eating any bread. There is only three of us in the house and every time we’d reach for the bread it was stale. We are always looking for healthier breakfast, snacking and food options for our family

Variety is the spice of life! We are adding eating more fruits, healthier lunches, making sure we eat breakfast and snacking through out the day. Little meals. That way when dinner comes we don’t have that ravaged feeling. Healthy changes are important for us. Are you making healthy changes and choices this year? We have set some new health goals this year which include good foods, moderation, exercise and positive thinking!

Quick and healthy breakfast options; 

Breakfast on a plate_Healthy Breakfast_Start Fresh Ozery Bakery Products

The great thing is you can jump on the band wagon with us! This isn’t a strict diet or anything. It’s just choosing more health conscious when planning family menu ideas. 

Snack on a plate_Snacking Rounds

I recently tried Ozery Bakery’s new snacking rounds and morning rounds. Snacking round flavor options include apple cinnamon, cranberry orange, date chia and muesli. Perfect bite sized goodness for you or the kids! 

  • What I love about these products is that they are made with fruit and grains with NO preservatives. You keep them in your freezer and heat them in the oven at 400° F for ONE MINUTE for fresh-baked flavor, or thaw at room temperature to enjoy later. They really defrost fast in room temps.

Healthy Breakfast _Morning Rounds

The morning rounds are larger and include the same flavors. These little steps to healthy, fresh eating are so worth it! They are low fat and are a source of fiber. Eat them as they are, top them, slice them, add peanut butter or cream cheese, fruit or veggies, toast them. Any way you use these morning rounds or snack rounds they stack up to be one healthy, good tasting breakfast.

  • The good news is you don’t have to stop there they have a whole line of products! Perfect for lunch or your family meal ideas. Other healthy choices include their One Bun with five options and their soft ciabatta thins. 

Ozery Bakery Product zip lock bags and products on a plate

These bakery products come in easy tear, re-zip, freezer safe bags. 

Ozery products draw inspiration from their grandmother’s philosophy of eating healthy, wholesome food. Providing all natural, whole grain pitas are made without any artificial flavors, preservatives or additives. All products are certified as kosher under the Orthodox KSA (Kashruth Supervision of America) organization, so you never have to worry about animal products or by-products.

Have you seen or tried these products in your local stores? 

  • I did receive Ozery Bakery products for my reviewing purposes. These are my 100% honest opinions, text and images are being shared. 
  • See how the vision and products were made in this Ozery Bakery video
  • Visit Ozery Website to locate a store or purchase online for your shopping needs, along with finding out more!

What flavor breakfast rounds would you try first? 

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  1. I know eating breakfast is important, but I just cannot eat until noon (sometimes even later)
    These suggestion look GREAT, but knowing myself I’d eat all in the afternoon LOL

    1. Oh Winnie, I hear you! I’ve really been trying to be better. I can relate about waiting though, that’s how I used to be. I’m trying to be more balanced….

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