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Do you love getting introduced to good healthy snacks options? I sure do! And when I do, I love sharing them with you. Today’s is: Guilt free, healthy yet, tasty bites of yum! Bonus, below is a high value coupon for you to try them too! I’m super excited to share this grab and go or anytime New Healthy Snacks Treat with you today. Why because if you are trying to have a healthier lifestyle like us then you’ll love this New quick and easy snacking solution. 

These healthy snack treats tick a lot of boxes. Easy breakfast. Grab and Go! Low calories, organic ingredients, whole grain flour and depending on the healthy snack you pick more wholesome ingredients including fresh fruits. Hello, VitaTops! 


healthy snacks Do you ever run out of healthy snack treat solutions for you, your kids or family Find out more about this delicious healthy snack option.Healthy Snacks


As a mom (and grandma) I’ve always battled coming up with healthy snacking ideas and solutions for these times:

  1. Getting the kids to eat in the morning before school (you know those jump out of bed kind of days)
  2. What’s a quick snack option for after school? (the never ending question)
  3. Options for when heading to team sports or lessons straight after pick-up from school (something quick and easy to add to the snack bag)
  4. Ideas for snacking at the beach, theme park or pre picnic lunch
  5. Healthy late night snack options
  6. What to serve the kids friends when they come over?
  7. Snacks for road trips! (we are always traveling)
  8. & A snack I can enjoy too! 

We loved VitaTops because it ticks all these boxes and yay, they taste great! If your like me I honestly think these are a healthy snacks option you’ll love trying for yourself or family, serving and eating. 

  • You have three options for getting the snack ready to serve quickly. Defrosting at room temperature, toasting or defrosting in the microwave.

healhty snacks Vitatops box top with directions how to serve muffin tops DearCreatives.com

I tried the Deep Chocolate VitaTops first. 

healthy snack ideas find out more about this great tasting snack ideas at DearCreatives.com

What I didn’t expect about this treat is that the dark chocolate was amazing, yummy chocolaty goodness in every bite! Just sayin’ And healthy lifestyle lovers each Deep Chocolate VitaTop is only 100 calories and 1.5 g fat, 9 g fiber & 4 g protein and packed with chocolate chips, real cocoa and organic sugar. 

healthy snack ideas chocolate chips in every bite of this deep dark chocolate healthy snack find out more at DearCreatives.com

Let me repeat, dark chocolate goodness!

healhty snacks Deep Chocolate Vitatops muffin top toasted close up of all the gooey goodness inside DearCreatives.com

On another day I tried mine toasted. I loved the warmed tasty cake like taste and melting chocolate chips. 

healhty snacks Wild Blueberry Vitatops DearCreatives.com

We also tried the Wild Blueberry VitaTops

healhty snacks Vitatops a healthy grab and go snack treat that families will love. DearCreatives.com

Sammie wasn’t keen on my taking her photo this morning before getting ready for school. Go figure. But, I did get a smile. Maybe she should get up earlier to get ready? Ha, ha! Mom problems. 

I found mine at Target. You can find VitaTops products your nearest Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite or Target. Store Locator

healthy snacks VitaTops Dollar off discount coupon

What other flavors are there??

  • SuperFood CranBran VitaTops 
  • Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter VitaTops
  • Protein Banana Chocolate Chip VitaTops

Healthy Snacks VitaTops Coupon

Do you want to try VitaTops?

Have you tried #VitaTops yet? 

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