Easy DIY Projects: 2 Quick And Easy DIY Jewelry Necklaces

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I love creating diy jewelry. Today’s projects are how to make a Fringe Leather Necklace and an easy DIY Pendant Necklace.When it comes to jewelry making I still consider myself a novice but, with that said it’s never stopped me from trying to get a new skill under my belt or hone a craft I love. There is something sweet about hand crafting a jewelry piece and creating a piece go give to someone or even keep for yourself. Today I’m sharing two easy DIY projects that involves jewelry. By the end of this post you’ll be able to create, craft your own easy DIY projects of either of these necklaces. 

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I have a feeling this won’t be my last jewelry post either. I’m kind of in love with it and have another in the works. Jewelry making is always a craft I have wanted to try getting into. What stopped me? Not seeing any classes available near me or signing up for an online class, thinking I couldn’t do it without taking a class and not having the supplies for this type of diy project. After a little research I debunked my deterrents and went for it! 

Fringe Necklace

Easy Diy Projects Jewelry project - Fringe Leather jewelry necklace

 I even thought you needed a bunch of tools to get the pieces made. Well, maybe you do if you are really getting into it but, for these projects I’ll show you that it doesn’t take much to create your own DIY jewelry necklace. I used a miniature needle nose pliers, side cutters, good scissors and a ruler. That’s it! Later in the post I’ll share the exact tools and supplies needed for making these necklaces. These two projects are very easy DIY necklaces. 

DIY Fringe Leather Necklace

Leather Fringe Necklace DIY_Craft- Jewelry

Tools needed for these easy jewelry crafts

Each of these easy DIY projects uses some or all of these tools, with the exception of the Quick and Easy Nylon Stone Necklace.

How to make a fringe jewelry necklace 

Sammie and I had been seeing so many fringe necklaces lately that I knew that I wanted to try making something similar. To create this suede fringe necklace you use thin suede cording. Cut it into 15- 20 pieces of the same length. Cut antique copper flat curb chain to your desired length (mine was 20″) Have on hand a copper twisted toggle and copper jump rings for making your clasp, scissors, ruler and needle nose pliers, E6000 glue, paper towels, wood chop stick or Popsicle stick then follow these steps. 

Fringe Necklace DIY- Craft Jewelry

Make a Fringe Necklace

  • Cut antique copper chain to desired length (20″)
  • Attach the clasp and jump rings first to the antique copper flat curb chain at each end with your needle nose pliers
  • Cut suede fringe into 6-6.5 inch lengths (15-20)
  • Next take out your E 6000 glue, wood stick for smearing onto one side of suede (Work on a covered surface. I used tin foil)
  • Loop a piece of suede over the center of the chain adding glue to the back side and adhering glued piece to the back of the looped over suede 
  • Attach each piece with the same step above adding to each side equally with looped over suede, cleaning up edges as needed with a paper towel as you go along
  • Tip do not over glue 
  • When all the suede pieces are glued and laid over the necklace chain lay the suede necklace and chain on a clean piece of foil or wax paper and allow glue to fully dry!
  • Later I lined up the suede, starting from the center cutting in a diagonal using a ruler to eyeball line from each side (in-vision a large V but, less pronounced.)
  • After I laid the suede down and put a book on it to straighten the curl
  • At this point your done or you can paint the tips! 

DIY- Craft Jewelry |Fringe jewelry necklace

Jewelry supplies needed for suede diy fringe necklace 

Jewelry Crafts

Pendant Necklace DIY 

Twisted Nylon Necklace with Pendant Stone being worn Leather Fringe Necklace DIY_Craft- Jewelry

This project happens to be the quickest and easiest of the two. A perfect to do a project with a child or teen (or even yourself) grabbing a pack of twisted nylon cord and a pendant with a ring is going to be your easiest jewelry DIY project ever! The nylon cords I used are finished on the ends and have a loop for attaching behind your neck. You just slide the nylon cord through the pendant’s ring and that’s it!

This would be a perfect project for anyone, not to mention it looks pretty when done. TADA! Let’s just say with a pack of ten cords and a bunch of pendants you’ll have a lot of handmade gifts wrapped up easily. Bridal shower favors, birthdays, holidays like Mother’s Day…. you get the idea. 

Jewelry Supplies need for the gem stone on the nylon twisted cord diy; 

  • Multi- 10 pack of twisted nylon cord necklaces NYLNTWMUL3 (18 in. long each) 
  • Base Metal Pendant with your choice of stones BASMPEND06 (includes ring for lacing) 

For today’s easy DIY project supplies list I’ve included the sku numbers in case you’d like to make the exact items. I hope this makes it easier for you! 

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Have you ever hand crafted or made jewelry before? What have you made? What would you try to make? 

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