Christmas Favorites 15 “Best Of The Holidays” For Families

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Christmas favorites are what make the holidays special. All the nostalgic feelings you get from things that you loved as a child. Call me a child at heart if you will but, like Peter Pan some of us never want to grow up, lose that sense of wonder, wanderlust, enchantment…. Whether it be music, songs, movies or special book there are holiday favorites that resonate with all of us. What are your favorites? Today I’m sharing a few of our favorite music/songs, movies and books perfect for creating that magical feeling of the holidays or even add a little family fun to them.

We are lucky in the sense that I have a budding musician in the house. We get to hear our favorite songs on the piano. Often singing the words along to the music. Favorites such as Jingle Bells, Deck The Halls, Over The River And Through The Woods…… And our all time favorite Christmas Time Is Here from A Charlie Brown Christmas. As Sammie’s skills broaden so do her songs. Do you have any favorites to sing together?

Christmas Favorites

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When listening to music I’d have to say one of our family favorites is Michael Buble Christmas What’s not to love about this crooner?

Christmas Favorites

Television Movies

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We start each season in song, then head to Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas to see the latest holiday movies. One movie we are looking forward to The Premiere of A Nutcracker Christmas on Dec. 10th. to see all of Hallmark Channel’s Calendar visit the above countdown to Christmas link. You might enjoy these upcoming Hallmark Channel  movies: On The 12th Day Of Christmas, Family For Christmas and Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through The Snow just to name a few. There is a drop down menu on the right where you can view all the showing times for each show. Do you have a favorite Hallmark Christmas movie?
Classic Christmas Favorites (Repackage/DVD)

Christmas Movie Favorites;




Christmas Book Favorites;

A tradition that my mom had was to pull out special holiday books and at the end of the holiday season pack them away again. Our all time favorite book to thumb through was Norman Rockwells Christmas Book packed with holiday illustrations, songs, stories and even a few recipes. I think this book had a lot of things for the entire family. It became this fun tradition only to view it during the holidays.

When my kids were young these were just a few of our favorite kids Christmas books;

I know the list could go on but, these are just a few of our Christmas favorites for the holiday season. Just follow along with our Christmas posts, 12 days of blogmas and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out. Don’t forget to subscribe and see this post to enter the giveaway and get free holiday printables.

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