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Gift Ideas for Teen Girls You’ll Love This Gift Guide Packed With The Best Ideas

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Looking for the perfect gift ideas for teen girls? Today we are sharing our top picks in a gift guide for teen girls. We hope this will help make your teen girl surprised, and delighted. I love the idea of getting kids, and teens one item they need, one item they want, and one item to read. It’s honestly great to not over-gift. 

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I’m all about filling my teen’s holiday stockings too. Wrapping up a piece of jewelry, adding a few of their favorite candies, hand held game, along with their favorite snacks. I love it when I can stuff her stockings with her favorite gifts. Looking for stocking stuffer ideas? We have a few listed below too. 

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls 


gift ideas for teen girls so many gift ideas to pick from that your teen will love! See them all at DearCreatives.com

Are you at a loss for what to get the teen girl in your life? Don’t be. We have rounded up a few favorite gifts we have given our teen or that is on her wish list. 

Gifts for Teen Girls 

  1. Echo Dot  We gave her a dot last year. She loved it. Sammie uses it for an alarm clock, to listen to music, and to ask questions when researching for school projects. 
  2. Have you ever considered giving her a pretty makeup brush sets? This pretty Unicorn Beauty Brush Set is awesome anyone interested in creating makeup looks.
  3. Don’t forget the beauty mirror with lights, a must-have for anyone doing their makeup.
  4. I know she’d love to soak in the tub with this Bath Bomb Gift Set. These bath fizzes are a great mixture of fragrant and soothing scents for a delightful bath experience 
  5. How about a cool new desk lamp for reading or homework. This is the desk lamp we gave to her last year, we loved it’s powerful illumination, USB port for charging, color spectrum Led, and flexible neck. 
  6. Bluetooth Speaker with Disco LED Lights (comes in many color choices) 
  7. For the teen girl who loves photography still, a hot choice is the Instax Mini Camera 
  8. A cute BPA free water bottle. Handy for taking to school or keeping at her desk while working on homework. 
  9. For when she’s unwinding at the end of the day, why not give her a lava lamp, mood light night light like this Arora Borealis Star Projector
  10. Why not give her cute jewelry set to go with her outfits. 
  11. Does your teen like to listen to music when studying? bebe Boom Wireless Headphones are great choices. 
  12. My teen loves a good knit hat, especially this time of year. You’ll find this pom-pom knit hat in so many color choices. 
  13. Thick knit ribbed Infinity Scarf another with so many color choices, to pick her favorite color. 
  14. She might like this trendy super cute Double Pom Pom Faux Fur Knit Hat 
  15. These cute over the knee animal socks set are perfect for teen girls. 
  16. This inspirational bracelet would be easy to slip into a holiday stocking. 
  17. Does your teen love to read on the bed, or watch movies on the couch? This mermaid tail blanket is so pretty for a gift. They come in so many colors too. 
  18. Does your teen love to draw? This set of colored pencils are affordable and high quality. 
  19. Drawing mixed media pad or a moleskine journal for doing the artwork. 
  20. What about a trendy, tropical terrarium kit in a geometric pattern. It comes with everything they need. 

Book ideas for teen girls

Handheld Games 

Topping her list for the best handheld games are this handheld game and this new handheld game that plays all her old games + the new games. Both on her gift wishlist. Once a gamer, always a gamer. lol  

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What types of gifts ideas for teen girls are topping your list?

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