Farmhouse Decor For The Livingroom – Spring Decor Ideas

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Are you ready to decorate your living room for spring? I sure am! Using Farmhouse Decor For Livingroom – I have made a list of my favorites ideas for decorating and I think you will love these farmhouse decor ideas!

First, we have neutrals that can go beyond just spring decorating. And spring decor accents to give your home a pop of color. Looking for something else? See all our home decor ideas.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas - neutral - decor moodboard - DearCreatives.com

You can decorate your living room as simple as you would like by using neutrals that include spring accents.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas - spring decor - decor mood board - DearCreatives.com

Or you can grab spring/Easter decorations with pops of color and incorporate that into your farmhouse decor or tiered shelves. And of course, you can use the decor pieces for your kitchen farmhouse decor.

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Spring/Easter Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Decor -faux Easter eggs, rustic bunnies, beaded tassel with bunny, sphere decor, white tiered shelf, fabric carrots, spring fabric napkins, beaded wreath with greenery, rustic tray... find these and more ideas at DearCreatives.com
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  1. Faux Easter EggsMake an Easter egg wreath Or filled your tiered shelves or baskets with faux eggs.
  2. Rustic Bunnies – I love these neutral bunny figurines.
  3. Beaded Tassel With Bunny Or this one with a Beaded Tassel with a spring flower. – I just made a few beaded craft projects. And the DIY decor post is coming soon!
  4. Sphere Floral Decor – I love adding decor like this into baskets, jars, vases, and tiered shelves.
  5. Tiered Shelves – I love decorating tiered shelves with seasonal decor. You can pick white/rustic, white, brown. Or find many other styles. Do you own a tiered shelf yet?
  6. Fabric Carrots – Use these cute fabric carrots in your baskets or tiered shelves.
  7. Fabric Napkins – These cloth napkins are perfect for your tablescapes. And they come in many colors and patterns.
  8. Beaded Wreath With Greenery – I love making my own decor. Take a simple wreath like this and hot glue artificial flowers onto the wreath. Add a ribbon or use it like it is. Find this and more!
  9. Rustic Tray For Decor – I love containing displays. Using a tray like this for a table, side table, or dining table is great for plants, artificial plants, and decor accents.
  10. Precious Moments Easter Figurine
  11. Set of 3 Wood Cut Bunnies
  12. Table Decor set of 3 Mini Artificial Plants
  13. Happy Easter and Happy Spring Table Decorations
  14. These cute rustic farmhouse vases and buckets with artificial flowers.
  15. Easter Wooden Decorative Books

Farmhouse Decor Amazon – Head over to find even more decor and decorations to decorate with for spring at Amazon.

Other places that I have picked up decor for spring is; Target (Target Spring Farmhouse Decor) and Jane’s Spring Decor. Don’t forget to look at Etsy for spring farmhouse decor too! Be sure to follow along to see how we update our home for spring!

Farmhouse Decor Ideas - Spring decorating ideas. Farmhouse decor for the living room...- DearCreatives.com

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I can’t wait to share how I started to decorate for spring and the farmhouse decor for the living room that I have picked up! And if you love making your own decorations be sure to see our DIY home decor.

How do you decorate your living room for spring?

Finished spring wreath ready to hang inside for spring decor or hang on the front door for spring. SPRING WREATH WITH FLOWERS...DearCreatives.com

Spring Decor Ideas

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