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DIY Spring Wreath (Quick & Easy!)

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Are you looking for ways for how to make a spring wreath? Why not make this DIY Spring Wreath! I think you will enjoy decorating a grapevine wreath for spring!

It’s super easy and you will enjoy hanging it in your home for spring. Or use it for a spring front door wreath! If you are looking for other wreaths to make be sure to see all our grapevine wreath ideas and other wreaths!

DIY Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath - DIY Spring Grapevine Wreath - See how-to decorate a spring wreath. Quick, easy and fun! At DearCreatives.com
Spring Wreath – DIY Spring Wreath – See how-to decorate a spring wreath. Quick, easy, and fun! DearCreatives.com

With a few supplies such as artificial flowers, a birdhouse, and a grapevine wreath you can make this Spring Wreath, and hang it in your home or on your front door.

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Spring Wreath


Supplies for decorating a spring wreath - grapevine wreath, artificial flowers, birdhouse, paint brush, glue gun... DearCreatives.com
  1. 4 Artificial Flower Pansies (purples) (yellow pansies) (on Amazon or check the Dollar Tree)
  2. 2 Artificial Yellow Flowers – these would work too! (I got the ones at Dollar Tree, not sure what they were called, but they have yellow flowers and ferns on them.)
  3. Glue Gun (and glue sticks)
  4. Wire Cutters
  5. Wooden birdhouse
  6. Waverly, Folk Art, or Your Favorite White Chalk Paint
  7. Paint Brush
  8. Reindeer Moss
  9. 18-inch grapevine wreath (On Amazon or try at Joann’s with a coupon)

How To Decorate A Spring Wreath


  1. Start by painting the birdhouse with white chalk paint and let it completely dry.
    Step - painting a birdhouse with white chalk paint to decorate a grapevine wreath. DearCreatives.com
  2. Next using the wire cutters, cut all of the flowers so that they have about 4-inches of the stem available.
    Step - Cutting faux flowers off floral picks to use and decorate a grapevine wreath. DearCreatives.com
  3. About halfway up the wreath on either side add the yellow flowers.
    Note: I didn’t glue these in, I just stuck them in between the grapevines. (Hot glue as needed to secure, if they don’t seem to be staying put. Or if you are hanging your spring wreath outdoors.)
    Decorating a grapevine wreath for spring. Step - adding the yellow flowers See all the steps at DearCreatives.com
  4. Next, start adding the pansies to the bottom of the wreath between the yellow flowers on each side of the wreath.
    Spring Wreath - Steps - yellow flowers with ferns on each side of a grapevine wreath - Full instructions and DIY at DearCreatives.com.
    No pattern is needed, use your preferences when decorating with the flowers, and just fill in all the areas between the yellow flowers already placed onto the grapevine wreath.
    After adding artificial flowers (pansies in a variety of colors and yellow flowers with ferns) to the spring wreath. Next, add... DIY spring grapevine wreath at DearCreatives.com
    Secure pansies in place with the hot glue gun.
  5. Add hot glue in strips across the roof of the birdhouse and lay some of the reindeer moss on top to the fullness desired.
    Step - decorating the birdhouse roof with moss - Next, add to the decorated wreath - DIY at DearCreatives.com
  6. Next, add hot glue to the backside of the birdhouse.
    Adding hot glue to the back of the birdhouse to add to a pretty spring wreath -How-to at DearCreatives.com

    (I did the roof, the bottom ledge, and the sides) And then add and secure the birdhouse to the wreath about halfway up next to the yellow flowers.
    Step - Add the birdhouse to the decorated wreath - See how-to at DearCreatives.com
  7. Attach a hanger on the back or get an over-the-door wreath hanger to hang your wreath.
Finished spring wreath ready to hang inside for spring decor or hang on the front door for spring. SPRING WREATH WITH FLOWERS...DearCreatives.com

Now your wreath is ready to hang and enjoy!

DIY Spring Wreath - Decorate a grapevine wreath for spring! Quick, easy and fun! How-to at DearCreatives.com
Spring Wreath

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