How To Decorate A Fall Wreath In An Hour

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We had a thunderstorm the other day. Although it was hot and humid. Winds were blowing, clouds rolling in. It even rained! Signs that autumn is nearing? I hope. Determined to have fall style in my home, I decided to make a fall wreath, this one is quick and only took about 1 hour. I’ve had a few grapevine wreath ideas floating in my head. Finally, I was able to get to the craft table to create a newly decorated grapevine wreath. Today I’m going to share how to make a fall wreath.

I’ve included my video of how to decorate a wreath. Today’s 1-hour fall wreath is quick and easy. I hope this helps you decorate one for your home. Seasonal wreaths are always nice to hang indoors or hang on your front door. Bonus, fun to make. 

How To Make a Fall Wreath

How to make a fall wreath in a hour. You'll love this fall crafts DIY for a grapevine wreath. It's pretty, colorful and filled with fall accents. Ready to make a wreath See this tutorial now! And visit for more fall craft ideas. DearCreatives.com

Why the butterflies on a fall wreath? Well, the butterflies migrate south of us for the winter season. This is one of a few fall home décor projects, and accents I worked on. I’ll be sharing the other Fall Craft Ideas soon. 

Grapevine Wreath Ideas- DearCreatives.com-Close up of top of decorated grapevine wreath. Learn how to make your own at DearCreatives.com

I made today’s decorated wreath with an 18-inch grapevine wreath. This is a good size for a living room wall, dining room wall or front door. I’ll be sharing a tutorial for a smaller one at another time. The supply list is to help you make your own wreath, especially if you are new to decorating wreaths. 

Grapevine Wreath Ideas- supplies for decorating a wreath for fall Floral picks, acorns, fall colored butterflies, wired burlap

Recently, I had grabbed a few supplies online, and at the craft store, so I was ready. A few supply resources are shown at the end of the post.

Supplies for making a fall grapevine wreath

Video Tutorial later in the post. 

Grapevine Wreath Ideas- DearCreatives.com How to decorate a grapevine wreath. Supplies on a work surface for decorating wreaths
Here’s where I got my fall fillers. Bonus, you can use extras in bowls or vases. I highly recommend using quality products especially if you will pack, and use your wreath annually. 

DIY Fall Wreath

The first things you want to do when decorating your wreath

  1. Protect your work surface
  2. Gather your supplies
  3. Turn on your glue gun (have a plate or glass coaster under the glue gun to catch drips)
  4. Set your grapevine wreath onto your workspace
  5. Begin working
  6. If making a wired hanger on the back do it first by attaching wire through wreath and making a loop
  7. I space the 3 main floral picks at varied points to start (almost in a triangle pattern)
  8. Tie on burlap and make a bow at the bottom (or side). Use about 1 to 1 -1/2 yards (you’ll find more bow tutorials along with my other wreaths here and here (for bows styled like gift bows)

Grapevine Wreath Ideas- DearCreatives.com-Showing how grouping accents onto a wreath creates visual appeal. How to decorate a grapevine wreath. DearCreatives.com

Tips for decorating your grapevine wreath

  • Use odd numbers when adding on your accent pieces, it creates visual interest. 
  • Create balance. Do this by visually looking at your wreath on the table and by lifting it, holding it as it would hang on the wall. 
  • Fill any holes to balance your wreath’s decorations.
  • Glue everything down to keep embellishments secure

Here’s how I made my seasonal wreath

Still, don’t have time to make a fall wreath, or aren’t crafty? Check out these pretty pre-made ready to hang fall wreaths

Fall Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine Wreath Ideas- DearCreatives.com-This grapevine wreath tutorial also has a video to show you how easy it is to decorate your own grapevine wreath. Step by step tutorial and tips.

Supplies for decorating fall wreaths

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