Crafting With Washi Tape

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Have you ever thought about crafting with Washi Tape? We love Washi for crafting, paper-crafts and making other fun things. You can find craft ideas where we have used it that we have shared before. 

I love creating mailers for the grandkids using Washi Tape. Or party favors. Do you? If you are l   Here’s an example of how you can use Washi Tape  

Crafting With Washi Tape

Washi Tape Washi Tape Candle Containers

I enjoy making things with paper, pens and Washi Tape! Do you? I love the pretty designs, and colors. It’s so easy to use Washi Tape for craft projects. I don’t know about you but, I have been wanting to get my hands on some new crafting supplies Washi Tape is perfect for crafting, making party favors and even updating décor. Below you will find a list of uses. Pretty colors, patterns, and choices you are bound to love!

One of my favorite ways to use this craft supply is in Art Journals and Journaling in Journals. 

Uses for these crafting supplies

What to do with Washi tapes?

Use Washi Tape for decorating

  • tags
  • bottles
  • cans
  • making buntings
  • packaging
  • cover clothespins
  • cover a book
  • scrapbook
  • (my favorite use) in journals

Just Google search or use Pinterest for ideas galore! Heck even decorates your mini candle holders. (Just never leave them unattended!)

Washi Tape Stacked in a pile

I’ve also seen them used for clipboards, covering keyboard keys, journals and even making bracelets. I’m sure just by doing a little searching for more craft ideas you can see how these fun printed washi tapes can be made into or decorate so many DIY craft projects or art journals

What is the first thing you’d do with your new supplies?

  • Washi Tape
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  • Do you need more ideas for using your tapes? Searching on Pinterest (and on our Pinterest craft boards) can give you so many ideas on how other crafters have used these pretty tapes! Up-cycle mint tins, light switch covers, add them to your keys, vases and even make cards with the tape. Some of the most creative things and favorite ways I’ve seen the tape used is for making coasters and ribbon wands. 

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