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Sassy Slippers with Foam Inserts – SewingTutorial

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Dear Creatives, Today I have Sarah here guest posting with a great tutorial which is perfect for making your own diy slippers! She has easy step by step instructions & template included. You might just end up making more than one pair after this guest post! Now onto Sarah’s tutorial!

Sassy Slippers with Foam Inserts

D.I.Y. slippers! Oh yeah! Can you really ever go wrong with a pair of fabulous slippers? Don’t your feet deserve some awesome foo-foo feathers and bling? Yes! These are surprisingly easy to make and so much fun! I rarely get the opportunity to go so-over-the-top with design because trims and plush fabrics are really expensive, but with slippers, you don’t need that much fabric and it gives you the opportunity to experiment with materials (like foam) that you may not have otherwise used. The template provided below is for oversize slippers, but feel free to take the pattern in for smaller feet. Don’t be afraid to embellish the heck out of your slippers. The crazier, the better!













  • ¼ yard of Terry
  • ¼ yard of plush type material (Minky great)
  • ¼ yard of slip resistant material
  • ¼ yard of batting (or a Fat Quarter sized scrap is fine)
  • Walking Foot/ Even Feed Foot (need it to sew the slip resistant fabric, but can be hand sewn)
  • ¼ yard of Foam (1 inch thick)
  • ¾ yard of trim (feathers/faux fur/whatever you like)
  • Package of sequence and matching beads
  • 2 Moon buttons
  • Clear thread (for sewing the beads and sequence)
  • Hand sewing needle
  • All purpose thread
  • Universal needle 80/12
  • Scissors or rotary blade and mat
  • Utility razor
  • Note: All seams are ¼ inch.

Step 1

Print out provided template. Each template should take up the whole length of the computer paper when printed. If you’re having trouble, make sure “full size photo” is selected in your print settings. This pattern can be reduced to fit children, as well. Simply take the printed templates to Kinko’s and have it reduced.

Cut 4 from terry fabric and 2 from foam. Using a ultility razor was the easiest way to cut the foam.

Cut 4 from plush fabric and 2 of batting.

Cut 2 from slip resistance fabric (remember to flip over).

Cut 2 1 ½ inch by 20 inch strips from terry fabric. This strip will be referred to as template D.

Step 2

Layer your plush fabric (template B) right sides together, then place quilt batting on the bottom.

Sew along the inside ‘U’ shape. Flip right sides out. You just made the slipper tongue!

Step 3

Place slipper tongue and one of the terry cut outs (template A) right sides together. Sew the outside ‘U’ (where your toes would go).

Push the ends of tongue a little out to the side. This is just for a smoother transition. You can trim down the ‘dog ears’.

Step 4

Using a walking foot (or by hand sewing), sew down the slip resistant fabric (template C) to the other terry cut out (template A) . This is going to be the slipper sole.

Step 5

Attach 1 terry strip (template D) around the sole of slipper, right sides together. Sew the ends together and cut off any excess material.

Step 6

Attach top of slipper (one with the tongue) to the strip you just sewed, right sides together. Leave an opening at the heel so you can turn the slipper right sides out. It is helpful to pin the pieces together with the foam in the middle for support. Simply slip the foam piece out through the opening when you’re ready to sew at the machine.

Turn Rights sides out. It will look like this:

Flip the tongue to the other side.

Step 7

Insert foam. Fold in the raw edges and sew the opening closed by handing. I did a simple whip stitch.

Step 8

Hand sew any sequence, beads, and/or button embellishments using clear thread. Slip the needle between the layers of the tongue to keep the thread hidden. Hand sew the trim along the edge of tongue the same way with a simple straight stitch.

Congratulations! You just made some awesome, one of a kind slippers! Don’t be suprised if your friends and family start begging you to make them some cool slippers. If you really dig making slippers, you can get profession, supportive soles sewn into the slipper bottoms for around $30 at a shoe repair shop. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and Happy Sewing!

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    1. I will have to get the courage to try Sarah’s tutorial I have never sewn with foam. She makes it look easy! I love how sassy they are.

  1. Great Tutorial, I Love lots of pictures 🙂 Now maybe I’ll be able to make my own for this winter! I’m pinning this for later. Thanks!

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