How to Sewing Tips + How to Make & Sew A Pocket

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Dear Creatives, I have a little tutorial to share with you to add to the quick & easy apron tutorial I used which you can find via the end of this post. I hope this helps you when making your aprons for yourself or for Craft Hope’s Project #17. You can view the image larger & just follow the steps below, it is rather simple to do!

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  • Cut out your pocket any size (allow for seams) Mine was about 7″ x 7″. Press over edging of fabric around all four sides. I usually use my thumb as a guide or standard seam 5/8″
  • trim corner of top of folded, pressed back fabric at a diagonal *see image only cutting top layer
  • Sew all four sides (I clip my corners slightly prior to sewing so no seams show. See image I left one on to show you, but cut it after pic) You only cut the top fold corner slightly!
  • Attach apron pocket to front of fabric #prior to sewing apron together! (this way you won’t see the seam on backside) & Sew on pocket to front side of apron right side up sewing around the two sides and bottom, leaving the top open! Start on one side & go all the way around, leaving top open.

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Yes, it’s that simple! So if you have never made a pocket now you can give it a try! Hope that helps & makes sense! Here are a few more tips to add to the tutorial I used & you may find helpful!


Here is how I reinforced the seam for the apron ties. I did this by sewing a rectangle where it is attached to apron. This will be covered by the waist band & no one will see it!


When making ties just fold over fabric in half wrong sides together, then crease right sides to wrong side making seams using standard width & press into place with iron,(* Do the pressing prior to folding in half) trim  corner edges slightly on the diagonal, but only cut through top layer corner, fold in half  & sew along edges.


Here I am pinning the ties inside the waistband. You have to check both sides prior to sewing to ensure they are aligned properly & straight. Looked good on back but, when flipped over the from needed adjusting slightly. So make sure to check twice & sew once. It makes things so much easier! Then use above steps, before attaching waistband for reinforcing tie. This step is used for both ties.

To see the full apron tutorial I used & added these changes to see Quick & Easy Apron from Feathered Nest  for cutting sizes & instructions! To see my round up where many free patterns, tutorials & about Craft Project #17 plus the Quick & Easy Apron visit my Apron for Haiti post. & to see it completed check out yesterday’s post!

Hope these few tips help you in one way or another! Aprons are a great first project if your new to sewing.

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