The Easiest Robin’s Nest Decorated Cookies

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Anyone else ready for spring? We sure are. We made a run through of a few spring dessert recipes. I’m sharing one of our treat desserts that is so easy to make. You will love how easy these Robin’s Nest Easter decorated cookies are to make for upcoming spring gatherings. You know, all those kids parties, Easter, Earth Day, and other spring celebrations.

We love spring, and Easter dessert recipes that are easy. We think you’ll love today’s hack to shorten time in the kitchen, and spend more time with family. Enjoy this fun, and tasty treat that is so easy even the kids can help with. 

Robin’s Nest Cookies

Do you love fun and easy Easter dessert recipes We have one that anyone can make. Robin's Nest Cookies. We share how easy it is to make this. This is a kids friendly recipe. See how #cookies #robinsnestcookies #eastercookiedecoratingideas #eastercookiesMaking cute decorated cookies doesn’t have to be hard, my hack is use cookie dough. The baked chocolate chip cookies are as tasty as homemade. They smell amazing when they are baking. Oh, yum. Decorated for Easter these Robins Nest Egg Cookies are a big hit! I love that it cuts the time, just bake, cool, and decorate. 


set up for decorating Easter cookies, and Nestle Toll House cookie dough © 2018 DearCreatives.comSupplies you’ll need to make these spring decorated cookies

  1.  Nestlé® Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  (24 cookies per package)
  2.  Nestlé® Toll House® white chocolate chips *Optional (I picked up the white chocolate chips for another recipe at the same time but, you could use that if you prefer directions below. I prefer using white cake icing.)
  3. 1 tub of white icing
  4. candy –  robins nest eggs edible grass 
  5.  jelly beans, and sprinkles  *Optional (other Easter treat supplies we picked up while shopping at Walmart)

First Make the Cookies

Follow the toll house recipes package directions for baking the cookie dough. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. If you are looking for homemade cookies to make try any of our cookie recipes

  • Printable recipe at end of post. 

cookies on a baking tray ready to go into oven, with decorations for decorating cookies

Put your cookies on a non stick baking sheet to bake. 

baked chocolate chip cookie up close ready to be decorated © 2018

Bake according to package 12 minutes or until golden brown. Use hot pads to remove from oven, and set out to cool. Cool Completely.

Baked cookies on a cookie sheet, and a cookie on a plate with icing, and decorations for decorating Easter cookies © 2018 

Tap your feet when waiting for them to cool, or sneak a warm cookie. I can not in good faith say that a cookie hasn’t been eaten prior to decorating. That’s why we picked up 2 packages. he-he In the meantime, set up your decorating station. I like putting my candies in ramekins or small bowls. (this way you can refill as needed, and if kids are helping you can give them their own decorating set up) When fully cooled you can start to decorate your cookies. 

How to decorate Robin’s Nest Cookies

chocolate chip cookie with white frosting being decorated for Easter Cookies © 2018

You will need something for spreading the icing. My favorite baking tool for spreading icing is a  cake spatula . Or grab a butter knife. 

  • You can use the white chocolate chips for this recipe if you prefer that over icing. If you are melting white chocolate chips you’ll need a microwave proof bowl.
  • Directions for using white chocolate chips – Heat, stop half way mix melting chips, and heat again. It should only take a minute or so.
  • Use small batches for the white chocolate, and do not overheat in microwave so won’t burn. (use hot pads when handling)
  • Work in small batches. Use a spatula to spread chocolate to cover cookie quickly as possible, as white chocolate cools it hardens.
  • Add edible grass while warm. Press slightly. 

I prefer the icing vs. white chocolate for this recipe. Just grab a tub and ice your cookies. It’s easier, and more kid friendly. 

adding edible grasss sprinkles to make a birds nest cookie © 2018

Take your edible grass sprinkles from the ramekin, and  add them to iced cookie to create a circle around your cookie, leave the center free of sprinkles for the candy eggs. 

Adding robins nest eggs to the Easter Cookies © 2018

Add edible robin’s nest egg candies to the center of the cookie’s nest. 

Adding a decorated Easter cookie to the plate so I can make the nest birds nest cookie © 2018
One by one repeat, the process until all your cookies are decorated. This is one easy Easter cookies recipe.

Holding a plate of decorated Easter Cookies that are so easy to make. This will make you love decorating Easter cookies, it's a no fail easy recipe. Grab it at

Easter with our family has grown every year, as the older kids have started their families. This is the perfect easy spring dessert recipe for everyone. Bonus it’s so easy to serve.

The grand kids are getting to be the perfect age for Easter Egg hunts. One of my daughter’s has chickens, we love dying eggs. She loves hand lettering, and makes beautiful chalkboards with Easter sayings.

plate of decorated robins nest Easter cookies- Easter Cookies that are so easy to make. This will make you love decorating Easter cookies, it's a no fail easy recipe. Grab it at

I love baking, and creating fun centerpieces to decorate the table. In our family we alternate whose house Easter celebrations are at. We all bring a favorite Easter treats, pitch in cooking the dinner, and remember why we have gathered. We a big group when we all get together, that loves playing board games while snacking on treats.

Scrabble is a must at almost every gathering as the night goes on. What’s your families favorite game?

  • I serve cookies on smaller stacked plates, spread out over the table. Or if serving a crowd use a platter. These spring cookies look so pretty plated. 

How do you celebrate Easter? 

Have you seen all the Nestlé® Toll House® Easter dessert recipes? There are quite a few quick, and easy spring dessert recipes, and ideas. There are Toll house recipes for baked goods, cookies, and candies. On social media follow the hashtag #SpringJustGotSweeter to see all the recipes using chocolate chips, and cookie dough.

Are you looking for an easy Easter treat idea These Robin's Nest Cookies are so easy, and tasty. Kids love them, and can help making them. Grab the recipe at

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Toll House Cookie Dough at Walmart

We love baking with Nestlé® Toll House® and think you will too.

We grabbed all our supplies at Walmart. See what’s new, and find your baking or candy making products at Walmart Online, and at your local stores. 

If you like chocolate chip cookies you might enjoy making these easy chocolate chip cookie bars or these easy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Easy Robin's Nest Cookies

A quick, and easy Robin's Nest Cookies recipe that starts with chocolate chip cookies. Step by step instructions for decorating. Perfect Easter dessert recipe, that's kids friendly.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Servings 24
Author Theresa Huse


  • Nestlé® Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  24 cookies per package
  • Nestlé® Toll House® white chocolate chips I picked up for another recipe at the same time but, you could swap it out instead of white icing. See notes on site
  • 1 tub of white cake icing
  • candy -  robins nest eggs   edible grass,


  1. Bake according to package 12 minutes or until golden brown. Use hot pads to remove from oven, and set out to cool. Cool Completely.
  2. When fully cooled you can start to decorate your cookies.
  3. Spread your icing over your cookies.
  4. Next sprinkle the edible grass into a circle around cookie, leaving the center un-decorated.
  5. Then add your robin's nest eggs into the center. Use an odd number, it looks more visually appealing.
  6. Repeat steps until all your cookies are decorated.
  7. Serve immediately. Or cover, and store in a cool place.

Recipe Notes

Use within a day or two. This makes one batch doubling the recipe be sure to get an extra tub of icing, and edible grass. Depending on the bag size of your candies for the eggs you may need a second bag.
If you want to use white chocolate chips instead of icing see the full recipe on the site.

See how to make these easy decorated cookies. | Baking sheet pan full of decorated spring, and Easter cookies. © 2018

See how I made the easy chocolate dipped cookies. It’s going to be one sweet week! 

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