Easy Oven-Baked Chicken – 30 Minute Meal

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This Oven-Baked Chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Make this easy dinner idea, or plan it for later. Because it’s perfect if you are having a crazy week too or just need a quick dinner on the table. Grab this  30-minute meal recipe!

I used to love my grandmas fried chicken but, heaven on earth all the work, not to mention frying! No this is a simple breaded chicken is lighter, comes out crispy but, is no fuss and baked! 

Oven-Baked Chicken

Crispy Breaded Chicken Recipe_Breaded Chicken on a plate with veggies_

Yes, no egg washes, no mixing up flour and no mixing up spices just plain easy! One staple I love having in my house is Italian Style Bread Crumbs. I use these bread crumbs for breading the chicken in this recipe, making meatballs, and so many other recipes. Have I shared my fish recipe? Hmm, if not I’ll have to soon. Yep, you can make homemade fish sticks with this. Are you getting hungry yet? Let me get back to the easy recipe!

The steps for the breaded chicken recipe are easy as one, two three! Let’s get cookin’! 

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How to make fried chicken in the oven

How To Bread Chicken

Breading chicken_fork holding chicken with breadcrumbs_

  1. Rinse and pat dry your skinless chicken.
  2. Next, pour the seasoned bread crumbs in a larger size bowl grab your chicken breasts and dip right into bread crumbs. (If you want super flaky, crispy chicken use Panko Italian bread crumbs)
  3. Next step just line your favorite baking sheet with aluminum foil and drizzle with a bit of olive oil place each breaded piece onto the baking sheet!

Of course, if you want to dip your bread crumbs in egg you can. Just do it like this. 

How to bread chicken with an egg wash

  1. Dip in an egg wash, with salt and pepper
  2. Dip in bread crumbs
  3. Add to a prepped sheet pan 

Additionally, you can set the chicken on a wire baking rack to bake.

Breaded chicken on a lined cookie sheet ready to bake for oven fried chicken

xxxI usually bake the chicken for 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Bake chicken until crispy on the outside and fully cooked on the inside with an internal temperature of 165 degrees F with a kitchen thermometer). Adjust cooking time depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts. 

Did you know we are remodeling our kitchen? It’s been a slow process but we are moving forward little by little. Our new oven has a rapid preheat. I love that feature! I have to take a photo of my new stove and share it with you. I have yet to find a new range hood!

The hubby purchased this great 5 burners stainless steel Whirlpool stove with convection oven and installed it when we were away on a trip. (It might not be my dream gas stove but it works perfectly) Now, we just need a new range hood. Our remodel in the kitchen is half done. Never have two remodel jobs going at once trust me. Chaos! But, at least the kitchen floor laid and three new beauties in the kitchen with me now. A new fridge, stove, and hallelujah a dishwasher!! 

Easy side dishes for dinner

White potatoes quartered and a knife_ white potatoes_

While the chicken cooking, wash and cut up your favorite veggies to accompany your meal. Our side dishes on this night were white potatoes and Brussel sprouts. 

I discovered Sammie actually likes Brussel sprouts! These were the biggest Brussel sprouts I have ever seen! Thank goodness she loves veggies. But, if you want to try a different vegetable to go with your dinner check out our Side Dish Pinterest Board if you’d like other ideas for sides. 

But, here’s a recipe if you’d like to roast them and toss them with chopped pecans. I know I want to try the recipe for roasted Brussel spouts next time!

  • I washed and cooked the Brussel sprouts cooking them in water. It doesn’t take long at all. Cook until fork-tender. Or you can roast them. 

Brussel Spouts cooking in a pot_

 This meal doesn’t have a lot of dishes, or prep work which is another nice thing for when you have been busy. 

Easy Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken_30 minute meal_

We hope you enjoy this easy dinner idea and becomes a favorite quick dinner meal solution. 

Chicken and Vegetables on a plate

Pin the recipe for later –  Thirty-minute meal of oven-baked crispy chicken! The recipe is so easy to make you won’t need a recipe card to make it. Just pin it for later if you think you will forget the steps or want to try cooking oven-fried chicken later.

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