Asian Chicken Salad In 15 Minutes!

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When you are pressed for time, just getting home from a trip, too tired to cook, or looking for a quick and easy dinner try making this Asian Chicken Salad.

With two ingredients, in a short amount of time, you will have dinner on the table for the family. This is a simple way to make Asian chicken salad. Looking for other recipes that are quick to make? Try our recipes that are 30-Minute Meals (or less).

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Asian Chicken Salad

Dinner idea that is so easy! Asian Chicken Salad With a few ingredients and 15 minutes...DearCreatives.com

Asian salad with chicken is perfect for after the kid’s sports practices, games, or when you are just too busy or tired to cook dinner.

For this salad recipe with chicken; you can use a rotisserie chicken from the store or leftover chicken. Any pre-cooked chicken will do. Then grab a Taylor Farms Asian Salad Kit or another Asian salad mix or kit from your grocery store.

But, if you have more time to cook or are meal planning try making our Quick Asian Chicken Salad! This has a recipe for a homemade Garlic Ginger Salad Dressing and how to make the salad with vegetables for the salad…

rotisserie chicken for a quick dinner idea© DearCreatives.com


  • Pre-cooked chicken
  • Asian Salad Kit

Hello, easy dinner!

This is such a simple way to get the family fed quickly and enjoy a good dinner.


  1. Chop your pre-cooked chicken. Or cook chicken like this to use to make the dinner (You will definately have extra chicken either way).
  2. Make the Asian Salad Kit. (Or if you are planning ahead; you could make a green salad, add wonton strips and use Asian salad dressing like this.)
    Mixing Asian salad dressing into the chopped salad © DearCreatives.com
  3. Combine the Asian Salad Kit with the chopped pre-cooked chicken.
    Chopped cooked rotisserie chicken being added to the salad© DearCreatives.com
  4. Serve and enoy!
    Asian Chicken Salad in a bowl ready to eat - simple, easy and quick dinner idea © DearCreatives.com

Tada another dinner idea that gets dinner on the table fast and everyone fed!

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Get dinner on the table fast with this easy recipe! Salad, wonton slivers, sliced almonds, cooked chopped chicken... DearCreatives.com

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