Fall In Love With These Fashion Trend Wardrobe Basics!

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There are a few times of year that we update our wardrobes in our home. As soon as the fall sales hit we start going through our closets and drawers making a checklist of what needs to be updated. Winter jackets, boots, long sleeved shirts, jeans or cords, scarves and gloves. These are fall / winter must haves! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite fashion picks that won’t break the bank! These fashion finds will at the very least send you in the right direction to grabbing a few items for yourself, your kids or the whole family while staying on trend and on budget.

I am always reading and watching the trends for fashions. I love looking at fashions illustrations, watching shows like project runway, reading fashion magazines and style watching. Better yet, if given the chance I love to shop! More times than not it’s for Sammie but, then I have to keep my wardrobe updated too. We just have to stick to a budget. No one likes hearing the words budget when it comes to shopping. Can you see me covering my ears?

Winter Boot Trends

Boots are a big priority here. Although it doesn’t snow here temperatures drop drastically morning and night get very cold with freezing temps. We wear lots of layers in the day because by mid day it can get warm in the fall but, by winter we are down right cold! What types of weather does your climate have? If your looking for boots for your family now is the time to save!

The dreamer in me wants the tall boots, the realist knows I couldn’t walk in those all day. Sammie is definitely into no. 3 but, she got the ones with the zipper on the side and lace up the front. They are super cute but, I didn’t have time to take the photo yet. Of course if your looking for shoes for your family for everyday, for the holidays or just because your kids have out grown their shoes you’ll find some great selections and savings starting now.

Womens wardrobe fashion basics

For me I need everyday fall basics. Clothes I can live in but, feel dressed for the day. Work on projects, head over to the school, store, hit the coffee shop… Of course there are days I want to dress up a bit but, that isn’t very often. My daughter who works in the fashion industry in New York is always saying how everyone talks about Target’s great selections. I’m not just saying this, she says it’s the office talk all the time. You can’t beat  the selections and definitely can’t beat the prices! Fall and winter fashion sales for the whole family is about to begin find the wardrobe sale  here! Perfect timing for updating our wardrobe and yours!

Fall -Winter Outerwear Fashions

This year we are starting out with lighter jackets and vests then grabbing the heavy hitters for winter to keep warm! What’s better than staying warm when it’s ice cold? A Hawaiian vacation! But, since I can’t have that, the next best thing  Free Shipping! 

I promise to share some our our fashion haul with you after we hit the sales.

What fall fashion trends have you seen and liked or needed?

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  1. Ohh I looooooooooooove the boots 🙂
    Definitely a basic need. although for me it means different kinds and different colors LOL
    The jackets also look very nice. Again – I like to have a few, but no leather for me

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