Easy Bunny Bottom Cupcakes + Quick Cupcake Tips Tools And Tricks

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Today I have a quick, and easy tutorial for topping your Easter cupcakes. How to decorate Bunny Bottom Cupcakes. Use this for a party, baby shower or any time it suits your needs. Bunny bottom cupcakes are super easy, and fun to make.

You can either one of our cupcake recipes such as chocolate, vanilla or cherry coke or use store-bought cupcake mix. By just adding a cute cupcake topping decorations you end up with Easter bunny cupcakes.

If you like these cupcakes then you will enjoy making our other Easter bunny cupcakes. They aren’t difficult to make either. But, the bunny butt cupcakes are really easy! 

Easter cupcakes decorated like bunny faces. See diy bunny cupcakes at DearCreatives.com

You don’t have to be a pro to make cute cupcakes! If your new to baking I’m sharing how to make cupcake basics, and our favorite baking tools for cupcakes and how to store and transport your delicious cupcakes.

In our house for the Easter holidays, there are times when we just have the three of us at home. Most of our family doesn’t live nearby. It’s times like this we still want the fun in the celebration. I bake up bunny cupcakes for the family ahead of time and freeze them for sharing when we visit. Reserving a few for us to eat. Other times I love experimenting with recipes to come up with easy baked goods like these carrot cake muffins.

Bunny Butt Cupcakes 

Easy Baking Ideas | Bunny Cupcakes

How to make Bunny Butt Cupcakes 

The best cupcake pans are non stick cupcake pans as they are versatile for other baking needs too. Grab the vanilla cupcake recipe to make bunny cupcakes with. Or make your favorite flavor cupcake batter. 

Easy Baking Ideas |Ice Cream Scoop with batter

My must-haves for baking my stainless steel mixing bowls (with non-skid bottoms), a spatula and an ice cream scoop for putting the batter in the cupcake liners. ( I use my spatula to swipe the bottom so it’s not drippy before taking over to the nearby cupcake liners) It helps keep things neater and the portions correct. Which means the cupcakes will all be the same size.

Easy Baking Ideas |Cupcakes in a pan ready to be baked


  1. Bake your cupcakes according to your recipes directions
  2. Let them cool completely
  3. Ice them with your favorite frosting
  4. Add coconut or white sprinkles (optional)
  5. Add your pretty bunny tails and feet or other Easter cupcake decorations

Optionally you can use these candied decorations if you are making cupcakes for a party. 

How to store and carry your cupcakes to a party

  • Last year I got my cupcake/cake storage carrier. I love it! See why I love this tool at the end of the post. 

 I do have a piping bag but, honestly, it’s not a great one. I often find myself zipping off a tiny corner of a Ziploc bag and piping using it. Instead of a new piping bag, I purchased this frosting decorating tool. 

  • I purchased the dessert decorator plus, and love it for topping cupcakes. It’s my game changer. It works so much better than what I had for this post. 

Easy Baking Ideas| geek bunny cupcake liners

I grabbed my Wilton bunny kit for making the bunny bottoms. Add your mix into cute cupcake liners, petal grass shaped or petal cupcake liners. Follow the directions above for the best results.

Serve your festive bunny cupcakes on pretty plates


Easy Baking Ideas |Small plates with cupcakes on a table top

For serving, I love the look of smaller serving plates and serving trays on the dessert table. Making it so easy for everyone to come to grab a cupcake. I hope you have fun making bunny cupcakes! 

Baking tools for making cupcakes

To help you I’ve listed my favorite baking tools below for making cupcakes, treats, and other baked recipes. 

My favorite tools for making cupcakes

Easy Baking Ideas |Cupcake Carrier

What I love about this cupcake/cake carrier is that has another stacking level that attaches with the clips that fold up as seen in the image above. Use one or both depending on the number of cupcakes you bake.

  • If you are using a cake you flip the inside tray over and there are no cupcake inserts.
  • The tray comes out easily for cleaning.
  • Stores perfectly in the fridge!
  • It’s super affordable and if your taking things to school functions, parties picnics, and gatherings.

If you are getting ready for Easter you might enjoy seeing our Easter Crafts too.

What type of cupcakes are you making for your next celebration?

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  1. This is a perfect example for those who are scared of baking and decorating. It doesn’t have to be difficult to be adorable! If the ingredients are premade but YOU put it together, it qualifies as homemade because the main ingredient is love. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your Easter holiday!

    1. Hi Wendy, I usually do my own baking & cooking but, it shared this for beginners. Hopefully give them some tips / encouragement to get into the kitchen and have some fun! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  2. First off these bunny cupcakes are adorable. Secondly, great tips! I must add that having a great set of piping tips and bags is a must. I recommend investing in the entire Wilton tips kit (it’s on Amazon for $40) because you will have every tip you ever need for decorating. I make all the cakes and treats for my kids birthday parties and I love being creative. Great tips thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Brittanie, Thanks for the tip on the piping kit from Wilton. I got one from somewhere else but, haven’t liked it. I think they even have Wilton at Michaels Crafts. I’ll have to see if they take the discounts on that product. Glad you enjoyed the post & thanks for your tip again!

  3. These a really cute, and it’s cool to know they are less complicated than they look! I used to be into baking, now cooking has become more of my thing, but I think as my daughter gets older it will be fun to bake things with her.

    1. Hi Bev, I can relate about the baking vs cooking. It goes in waves for me I really do enjoy baking though. Oh, yes as she gets older it is super fun to bake with the kids. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

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