16+ Santa Cookies Recipes And Treats!

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With Christmas fast approaching we are making our list and checking it twice. Not gifts but, Christmas cookies to bake, and cookies for Santa. This edition of holiday cookies is all about Santa cookies and Santa Treats. Everyone loves Santa Claus with this big white beard, red rosy cheeks, and velvety winter cap. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love him or a good holiday cookie recipe. 

Looking for other Christmas cookie ideas you might like this Christmas cookies post or to see all our treat recipes.

These are easy to make, decorate and bake and fun to eat. Do you like decorating cookies? Every year we make our favorite Holiday Santa Cookies. But, we thought it would be fun to make one or two new recipes this season.

Santa Cookies

16+ Santa Christmas Cookies Recipes To Bake for Christmas
If you are looking for holiday Cookies and Christmas cookies to make try any of these must-try holiday cookies!

Our family has a recipe box filled with homemade cookie recipes for the holidays. Each year we try to bake one or two new recipes to expand our Christmas cookies list. If you are ready to try a new treat recipe or two we are sure you will enjoy this post. 

Santa Cookies Recipes 

  1. Santa Claus Cut Out Cookies 
  2. Strawberry Santas 
  3. Santa Hat Brownies
  4. Santa Coat Pretzel Cookies 
  5. North Pole Cupcakes 
  6. Santa Claus Cookie Pops 
  7. Roly Poly Santa Cake 
  8. Oreo Santa Hats 
  9. Santa Hat Cookies
  10. Krispie Treats 3 Ways Santa, Christmas Tree, Reindeer 
  11. Santa Star Cookies 
  12. Santa Belly Treats 
  13. Santa in the Snow Cupcakes 
  14. Santa Belt Chocolate Covered Oreos 
  15. Santa Cupcakes Recipe 

Our favorite holiday cookies for the kids 

Holiday Cookies Recipes Santa Claus Cookies Easy

This Christmas Cookies recipe is for Santa Claus Cookies. This is an easy cookie recipe that kids and adults both can enjoy. If you are looking for make-ahead Christmas cookies I have made these in advance and frozen them. Just defrost them the day you will serve your cookies. I separated the layers of cookies with parchment paper, added them to the freezer bags, removed the air, and sealed them in the freezer bags.

They are easy to make: Bake your cookies, let them cool. Frost the base with store-bought or homemade white vanilla frosting. Made with red candy sprinkles, mini semi-sweet chocolate eyes, a cinnamon nose, and a mini marshmallow for Santa’s cap. Santa’s beard is made with coconut but, can be substituted with more icing or mini marshmallows cut in half. See the post to see all the easy to follow steps and recipe. 

Holiday recipes you might enjoy

    1. Cherry Tarts with Hazelnut drizzle. This is a very easy recipe and would make a wonderful Christmas treat idea. 
    2. Tiramisu Affogato Dessert Recipe is made with coffee, loaf cake, whipping cream, and chocolate. 
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