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Dear Creatives, Did you know that Craftsy has several free patterns? Yes, I said free! I am sharing links to help provide you to free pattern pages for Embroidery, Knitting, Sewing, and Quilting & Cake Decorating Recipes. Easy for you to find them & I have also included a few patterns I found that interested me. Maybe you’ll like them too. All you have to do to grab your free patterns is register & that is free too!

I have used Craftsy for free patterns, mini classes & just enrolled for two courses myself. I can’t wait to share some of the things I make from the classes. But, today I am sharing my favorite free pattern pages from Craftsy! & Three patterns I grabbed myself.

Free Pattern examples Craftsy

Craftsy’s free patterns have a huge range: Sewing, knitting, quilting, cake decorating, embroidery & more…..You will see pages of free patterns just like the two above! I can’t wait to make a new apron & maybe even try my hand at jewelry! {links below}

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Craftsy screen shot supplies, free patterns, free mini classes

So here are the details. Perfect for working on a project or two this summer or grabbing one or two & saving the pattern to use for later. Yes, it’s that simple! I’ve gotten a few free patterns but, I am going to look for some more & see if there are a few Sammie & I can do this summer together. Now, you can see for yourself just by visiting Craftsy & registering!

All patterns and recipes listed below are free with registration.

Free Patterns and Recipes!

These free patterns will having you making, diy, sewing, knitting or quilting your own projects in no time! Be sure to get the ever changing patterns while you can & even check out their free mini classes when you register! I’ll be sure to share more about their classes soon. I have been taking two at my own pace & love it! Now it’s your turn to take advantage of some great free patterns, along with free registration. Be sure to share what you  made right here in the weekly link up if you wish! I’d love to see what you made. What type of free patterns interest you?

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Register for free at Craftsy!

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