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Have you ever wondered how some people find the time to add creativity to their days? Especially if you have kids? Or why you would even want to have creativity in your life? Creativity has always been in my life since a young child. Maybe I was just lucky my mom was a teacher. We always had creative projects going on or her challenging us mentally. As we get older, things seemed to get in our way. Daily schedules, making it hard to find time for ourselves. Even harder to find time for creativity. Sound familiar?

Or maybe you didn’t have creativity in your life. And don’t know where to start. Would you like to ignite creative passions? For anyone wanting to begin to get creative, stretch their minds creatively or just needing help today.

  • I have a discount and e book resource for you, The Busy Mom’s Guide To Creativity.
  • You don’t need to be artistic to add creativity to your life. It comes in many forms and ways. In the resource ways are shared too.

Bev Linkoutour

First let me introduce you to Bev who is a blogging friend of mine. She is a mom to a young daughter. Bev is also jewelry artist and is an author / blogger over at Linkouture. Recently she has just released the new E-Book to help women wanting to reconnect with creative “me time”.

E books

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity

 Child painting with mum

Are you a busy woman or mom looking to reconnect with your creativity? How about finding time for the creative interests that you love into your daily life?

  • In Bev’s new E-Book  The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity, you’ll learn how to bring your creative interests into those everyday mundane chores you dread, involve your children in the things that make you happy, and get tips on letting go of mom guilt so that you can find time for you!
  • In Bev’s e book she shares many resources too. (*see samples below) Not only that but, she has worksheets to help you delve deeper in how you can block out time for creativity. Bev also shares many of the benefits of creativity.

E books

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity

The e book details:

This is a fun, interactive 65-page digital workbook that features:  
  • Quotes from real-life moms about the importance of creativity in their lives and how they make time for their interests
  • Interviews with life coaches and therapists who specialize in working with moms
  • 21 pages of worksheets to reflect and apply what you have learned to your personal life
  • 7 art prints with inspirational quotes about creativity
Sample page image

 e book Dear Creatives reader discount 

  • Are interested in getting a discount on this e book? Yes! Well, here’s the perk of reading Dear Creatives! Bev’s offering you a Coupon Code for $3 off  Holler!!
  • The discount code is: dearcreatives 
  • Coupon code will only be good through 10/23
  • Sorry discount is no longer available but, you might like to check it out anyway.
  • Purchase your copy today and bring back that creative spark that makes you who you are! 

e books The Busy Moms Guide to Creativity - info. graphic | DearCreatives.com

  • What are some of your creative interests? Why is it important for you as a mom to find time for them?
  • What forms of self-care do you practice? How do you make time for them as a mom?
  • After you read Bev’s e book come back and share a page from the book or a lesson learned and how you applied it to your life! I’d love to hear.

Final Thoughts on Bev’s new e book The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity:

I think this is a great resource for any busy woman or mom wanting to reclaim time and inject forms of creativity in their daily lives. I love the solutions Bev shares for finding time. Not only that but, Bev shares a list of places on line where you can learn, stretch and grow creatively. (*Without having prior skills) She also addresses some social tendencies that might keep us from creativity and how we might approach tackling those issues.

If you have read my about page you know how much creativity and a creative life is important to me, along with the why behind it. Creativity, photography, art journaling and other creative activities has been the passions of my. I honestly feel that anyone can learn to be creative. Why not try? Why not tackle your obstacles?

  • I did receive a copy to read so I could share my 100% honest thoughts with you. I have no affiliation with the sale of the e book nor will I receive a commission.
  • E-Book  The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity
  • The best part is it’s the cost of buying a couple of lattes but, will last you a lot longer and spark your creativity! 100% guarantee*(14 day request policy) visit for all the details
  • Before you head out don’t forget to subscribe to Dear Creatives

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Good Luck!
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What creative challenges do you face? How do you add creativity into your life?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, and for your kind words! Like you, finding time for my creative outlets is so important to me. I hope this inspires other moms!

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