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Dorm Room Essentials For Off To College #TargetFinds #Sale #TipsForCollegeLife

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Dorm Room Essentials – Are you off to college? Do you still need things? There is bound to be something you forgot to pack or need! Did your roommates forget things? It happens. When it happens here are some dorm room Target Finds you won’t want to pass up!

Off To College

We just dropped our daughter off for her senior year of college. Although we thought we got everything there were a few things she missed getting or packing. Or her roommates missed getting it. We listed several of our favorite finds for dorm living! We headed to Target several times during our trip. Not to mention we always get her cleaning supplies where she goes to school (since she goes to college out of state). If you need home care cleaning supplies don’t miss the deals/offers we share in this post (even if you aren’t heading off to college)!

Affiliate links may be included in the post. By clicking the links for qualifying purchases we earn a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you.

Dorm Room #TargetFinds

Off to college - Dorm room essentials and dorm room decor. Even if you packed you may need these items to keep your dorm room cute, cozy, and clean - DearCreatives.com

Whether you head to Target in person, do a store pickup order, or order something online I hope this post helps you. Use the links to add items to your cart. Are looking for last-minute dorm room essentials, room decor, and cleaning supplies? We’ll point you in the right direction to pick up and get what you need!

Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm room essentials and dorm room decor. Ideas for the dorm room to make it cute, cozy, and keep it clean... See the list, tips, and ideas for college life at DearCreatives.com
  1. Room essentials like these Sheet Sets – Be sure to get XL twin for the dorm room beds!
    I can’t believe Sammie left her sheets in the linen closet at home. We purchased these cute banana sheets for her! There are several prints to pick from. (Save $5.50 when you get them online!)
  2. This 15-piece shower curtain set! These sets are so handy for dorm room bathrooms!
  3. Storage in the dorm rooms is always an issue. Get a double-duty storage ottoman. Uses for the ottoman for storage, to sit on, and to climb onto a raised bed.
  4. A dish-drying mat like this is a good option for drying hand-washed dishes. Washable and easy to store or pack.
  5. Mixing bowls like this BPA-free 5-piece mixing bowl(s) with lid(s) set. These can serve dual purposes for food storage, making salads, serving popcorn, mixing bowls for baking, and food prep bowls. And they nest, which is great for space-saving!
  6. Cleaning items! Swiffer power mop, Scrub Mommy (won’t scratch non-stick cookware), toilet cleaning-brush plunger set, latex gloves for cleaning, handle scrub brush for cleaning the tub/shower, Dawn dish care (spray, wash, rinse), get 25% off Hefty Trash Bags (you will need them!) bring toilet paper (Save $2) on move-in day is a must-have…
  7. A cute doormat for the dorm/apartment. This is a must if there is any carpeted area. Her living room has carpet.
  8. An over-the-door mirror or framed door mirror (this is the style we picked) for the fashionistas.
  9. Washable throw rugs (in various sizes)for the living room, kitchen, by sink/vanity, or dressing areas…
    Or get a plush rug like this for the dorm room and make your room cute and cozy.
  10. Plush throw blankets (matching fabric room storage bin) and throw pillows to make the dorm room cozy and cute.

Where To Shop

Pop over here to find what you need. I love that the college shop has categories that make it easy to shop or get ideas of what else you may need. We picked up a microwave, Keurig coffee maker, and a mini-fridge on different years. Right now Target has a 30% off Kitchen and Dining sale!

This year she’s in a dorm apartment and only needs to take the coffee maker. Each year will be slightly different based on what the roommates are planning on bringing too. At the end of the year, they can sell what they no longer need to others.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips for college life. Plus, photos and a few easy DIY projects to make your room cute!

Target Deals #HouseholdEssentials #SALE

Right now through September 2nd – Free $15 Target GiftCard with $50 Home Care (add this circle offer to your cart!) PurchaseExcludes: Trial & Travel and Aircare in the Home Dept. This deal is perfect for stocking up the dorm room with cleaning supplies and getting a free gift card!

Stock up and Save!

We purchased dishwasher pods, dishwashing liquid, laundry soap, fabric softener, cleaning supplies, sponges, and scrubbers! What do you need? Stock up on household essentials, stack up the items, clip the coupons, and save! Plus, get your $15 gift card. You don’t have to be heading to college to take advantage of this huge savings! What will you stock up on?

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