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How To Cover A Lampshade With Fabric

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How To Cover A Lampshade With Fabric – My daughter Sammie loves thrifting. She spotted a cute lamp (that had a stained lampshade) and the lightbulbs went off. Get fabric and upcycle it! Dorm room lamp makeover.

Today I’m sharing her DIY lampshade makeover! With fabric, trims, a glue gun, and glue sticks you can easily upcycle a lampshade. Anyone can makeover a lampshade for a new look or to make it look new again.

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DIY Lampshade Makeover

DIY lamp shade makeover (No-Sew) - How to cover a lampshade in fabric. This is an easy no-sew upcycle lampshade project! Get the how-to at DearCreatives.com

Have you ever wanted to cover your lampshade? To give it a new look or cover stains, or repair the lampshade cover? It’s really easy to upcycle lampshades. No sewing is involved! (unless you want to sew the hem seams).

This is a no-sew upcycled lampshade project. Sammie gave her lamp vintage vibes by using cute fabric. She worked on the project before moving back to college. And took the side table lamp with her for her apartment bedroom(at college).

Pick fabrics you like or fabrics that are trending to cover a lampshade. She spotted gingham fabric which is really trendy right now. Do you like a retro or vintage aesthetic?

Upcycle Lampshade

Easy way to cover a lampshade with fabric. No sewing is involved. Pick your choice of fabrics. Get the tips - Find out more and see the DIY lampshade makeover at DearCreatives.com


Supplies for covering a lampshade in fabric - Find out more and DIY at DearCreatives.com

Tips For Covering A Lampshade

  1. Don’t pick a fabric that is stiff! You can’t turn it under to make seams.
  2. Use finger glue gun protectors, a pencil, a dowel, or tweezers for holding the fabric in place when it is hot.
  3. Hold trims up to the lamp to see how it will look (with your lampshade and fabric) before finishing the project.
  4. You don’t have to prewash the fabric!
    Unless it needs washing. But, then you will need to iron it.
  5. We didn’t need to remove the lampshade to work on this project but you can!
  6. Additionally, you can buy a new lampshade (if one is missing or broken). Cover it to upcycle the lamp with the fabric of your choice.

How To Cover A Lampshade With Fabric


Step By Step Instructions With Images

How To Cover A Lampshade With Fabric - Steps 1-4 No-sew lampshade makeover - Get the full instructions and how-to at DearCreatives.com
  1. Measure the lampshade using the fabric measuring tape.
  2. Pick enough fabric to cover the lampshade. For the best results, add a few inches extra of fabric. The fabric will extend around horizontally and vertically.
  3. Iron the fabric. This is important! You don’t want wrinkles on the lampshade cover. Do this for all thicknesses of fabric.
  4. Use the hot iron to create a hem.

To make it finish neatly; trim it straight. You can fold it over one more time and trim the excess fabric.

How To Cover A Lampshade With Fabric - Steps 5-9 No-sew lampshade makeover - Get the full instructions and how-to at DearCreatives.com
  1. After measuring around the lamp and making the hem, cut off the excess fabric leaving a few inches.
  2. First glue down one side of the seam (top to bottom – vertically).
  3. Next, glue down the hem at the top of the lampshade.
  4. After going all the way around the top; next, glue the hem to match the seams going vertically on the lamp (see next image).
  5. Then cut off the excess bottom fabric. But leave enough to turn and hem the base of the lamp.

Matching The Seams Up On The Lampshade!

Gluing the fabric onto the base of the lampshade by using a hot glue gun. DIY Lampshade Makeover - Get the full instructions and how-to at DearCreatives.com

Fold over the fabric before gluing. It’s hot be careful. Use finger protectors for protecting your fingers. And for when you are holding the hot glued fabric in place! Hold the glued fabric in place for a few minutes after gluing, until it adheres securely. Smoothing out hems as you go along.

This is easier to do as you go along and harder to smooth out once the glue has completely dried. Note, if the glue hasn’t dried and you make a mistake you can pull it off and smooth it out again. Don’t pull too much if you have a pattern like this. We made sure the lines were straight as we went along.

Before and After of a lampshade upcycle project - No-sew lampshade makeover - Get the full instructions and how-to at DearCreatives.com
  1. It’s easy to cover a dirty or damaged lampshade.
  2. Finish the project with trims.
  3. Sammie picked eyelet trim like this to give it a vintage look.
  4. The combination of a modern lamp base and vintage top gives the lampshade a new look with retro vintage vibes.

Tada! It’s that easy to do!

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DIY Lampshade Cover - Get the full instructions and tips for how to cover a lampshade in fabric at DearCreatives.com

Tag us @DearCreatives on Instagram or Twitter with your lamp makeovers! With the leftover fabric, I am going to make her some things for her dorm room to send her. Throw pillows for her bed, coasters, a zipper pouch for pencils…

Have you ever covered a lampshade with fabric or other materials?

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