Valentines Day Cards And Cupcakes….

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Happy Valentines Day! Today I wanted to share with you Valentine’s Day cards I made. Also yesterday we made cupcakes and decorated the cupcakes. Sammie and I had fun together as she had no school. I am planning on trying a special espresso mousse recipe. I’ll let you know how that goes it is my first attempt, along with sharing the recipe later. Have you ever made mousse? No big plans today, just dinner and some sweet desserts for my Valentines’. I hope your day is full of love, in one form or another!

I don’t know how you found this post but, if you did; This is a blast from the past! And one old post with a camera that didn’t work. Insert sad face!

But you can see our latest Valentine’s Day Crafts We have come a long way!


Going to spread some love with cards today.


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Here is a collage of several of the cards I made. I used several embellishments & some Valentine’s Day stickers & die cuts.



I thought I’d share how the cupcakes turned out. Vanilla with vanilla frosting sprinkled with hearts and a special touch of love.



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Sammie really caught on fast and did half the batch herself. We kept it simple we just got the pastry bag on sale after the holidays. I am excited to do more baking projects using the kit and the lovely tips it came with. Disregard the mess on my counters! lol, We’ve been busy! Fun +Crafting +Baking+ Kids = Messes and Happiness



Sammie decorating cupcakes

Some of the cards are for the Hope Unlimited Valentine project. I am hoping to make quite a few more since I/we have until April to send them. So if you would like to help be part of the project & want to learn more about it you can see this post about Hope Unlimited Valentine project. Sammie put all her extra Valentines together, added stickers to them & wrote a little note. We had fun putting them together. I think if we sit down one more time we will have enough to feel like we made a difference & showed some children that people care.

You might enjoy yesterday’s post which you can find with our newest Valentine’s Day Crafts it is for Valentine Mailboxes and with a tutorial by a blogging friend of mine. Wishing you a sweet day!

If you need some eye candy along with a sweet cupcake recipe here’s where to see all our cupcake recipes.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?


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    1. Hi Eva Hope your Valentines Day was lovely! How nice to make cake with girlfriends & share it. Its always fun to get together in the kitchen!

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