DIY Gumball Machine Ornaments

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Get ready to make cute ornaments! With a few craft supplies, you can make these DIY Gumball Machine Ornaments!

Do you enjoy making ornaments? Even if you have never made an ornament before this is one of our easy Christmas craft ideas to make for the holiday season.

Or use this ornament craft to go with a birthday theme to pass out as favors or hang as party decor by swapping out colors.



Use simple supplies from the Craft Store, Dollar Store, or Amazon and mini pom-poms to make this a fun ornament for kids, teens, and tweens to hang on the Christmas tree. Or give as a homemade gift.

You can craft this DIY on a budget. It can be the perfect hostess, teacher, or neighbor gift for this holiday season too.

Gumball Machine Ornament Craft

DIY Gumball Machine Ornament - fun and easy ornament craft for adults, teens and kids with help. DearCreatives.com (

These gumball machine ornaments use small-sized (mini) clay flower pots and plastic ornaments, and easy to make. This can be a great craft project for adults and teens to create on their own or a craft you can do by helping younger kids.

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Let’s make this craft!


Supplies to make an DIY ornament - See full list of supplies and tutorial at DearCreatives.com. #diyornament
Supplies for making DIY Gumball Machine ornaments



Step 1 of the process paint the little clay pots and ornament caps...full instructions for making ornaments at DearCreatives.com

Gather all supplies. Remove the metal cap from the plastic ornament. Paint clay pot and metal cap with red acrylic craft paint. Apply a second coat, if necessary, and then set aside to dry.

Step 2. Fill-plastic-ornaments-with-mini-pom-poms-step-by-step-and-how-to-at-DearCreatives.com


Fill plastic ornament(s) with mini pom-poms in assorted colors to represent the gumballs. One half of the package is the perfect amount!

 Step 3. Place the metal cap back onto the plastic ornament... Use your glue gun on low. DIY and how to make the gumball machine ornaments at DearCreatives.com


Place the metal cap back onto the plastic ornament. Attach a filled plastic ornament onto the bottom of the painted clay flower pot base with a low temp glue gun and glue sticks. NOTE:  Since the ornament is plastic a low temp glue gun works best.

Step 4. Measure a two-inch length of silver tinsel chenille stem and cut with scissors... DIY gumball machine ornaments - go to DearCreatives.com to see how to make the ornaments. .


Measure a two-inch length of silver tinsel chenille stem and cut with scissors. Fold in half and attach to the front of the gumball machine base with a glue gun and glue sticks.



To finish, write 25₵ above the silver tinsel chenille stem with a black permanent marker. You can use the cord hanger that comes with the plastic ornament or add a skinny ribbon hanger of your choice.

Finished Ornaments -DIY Gumball Machine Ornaments - step by step with images at DearCreatives.com

Change up the pom-pom and paint colors to create custom ornaments to share with family. Or when making for friends, coworkers, and others.

I hope you get a chance to make these Christmas Ornaments!

If you aren’t making the Gumball Machine Ornaments now, PIN IT FOR LATER.

DIY Christmas Ornament - Gumball Machine Ornament - fun and easy ornament craft for adults, teens and kids with help. DearCreatives.com

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I hope you enjoy making ornaments and crafting ornaments! Happy Crafting!

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