Christmas Ornaments-Bulb Re-Purpose Tutorial

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Dear Creatives, Lindsy is guest posting for me today from The Open Window with a fun easy tutorial to re-purpose or liven up Christmas Ornament Bulbs. Your going to love this easy project! The possibilities are endless!


Guest Post & Christmas Bulb Tutorial

Hi, Lindsy here! I don’t know about you, but I’m always decorating my Christmas tree with a new theme or mix of ornaments. I hate to just throw away the Christmas ornament bulbs, so I came up with this super simple way to reuse them.


  • Christmas Bulb type ornaments
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Jute or decorative cording

Step 1 – Get your supplies together! The type and size of the Christmas bulb doesn’t matter, they can be glass, plastic, small, large they can even be missing the little metal hanger / topper. If you don’t have any the thrift stores are full of them.


Step 2 – Take your fabric and cut it into 6 – 8 inch squares. The size of the square will need to be adjusted if you are using a smaller or larger ornament. You want enough fabric to completely cover the ornament and have some fabric left over at the top. This doesn’t have to be perfect and the type of fabric is completely up to you. I used a plain and printed burlap, but any fabric will work.

Step 3 – Place the ornament in the center of your square
Step 3 –  and wrap all the corners up around the ornament.
 Step 4 – You may need some help with part – a great place for the kids to help out! Take your decorative ribbon and tie it tightly around the fabric at the top of the ornament. After you tie the ribbon you might need to adjust the gathers / puckers in the fabric evenly around the top.

Step 5 – Now you need to attach your hanger. I used jute to match the burlap, but any small ribbon or decorative cording will work. If the metal topper is still on your ornament you can loop the ribbon / jute through it and tie it in a knot. If the topper is missing (like mine were) then you will have to hot glue the hanger in place. I pulled open the center of the gathered fabric and hot glued the cording in, then pressed all the fabric together until the glue dried.

Now hang on your tree or give as a gift.

To find out more about Lindsy & her projects you can visit her & her shop! Show her a big thank you for being here today by visiting her & following along with her if you like!

Lindsy’s Shop & Blog:

The Open Window Esty Shop

The Open Window (blog)

What kind of fabrics- ribbons or colors would use for this project?

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