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I really have been thinking about a site redesign for a long time. Making note of my favorite sites & how they have their shops set up. I took down my shop I didn’t like the interface it made it difficult to manage. Set up wasn’t easy. Maintenance wasn’t easy & I don’t know code well enough to have done a full redesign.

Sometimes you just have to try something & then move on to something better. I don’t look at as failure I look at it as lessons learned. Sometimes there are limitations to what you can do, afford & if it isn’t working for you it’s time to make changes.

I bet if I talked to several small business owners that who are successful they have endured hiccups along the way. Lost in a sea of products on bigger sales sites. Lost in the sea of websites & hard to be found. Of course the marketing end is important but, so is being selective about who you will use to host your site, where/how you’ll redesign your site & how you will have your shop displayed.

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I already had my website & shop set up prior to learning about my affiliate IndieMade.com but, let me discuss why I am considering them.

Indie Made Shop Sarahndipities

This is a cute Indie Made Shop

I thought I’d open up the discussion right here. What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked for you? I’m not saying talk negative bashing about specifics. Just share some of the tips & tricks that have worked or not.

What hasn’t worked for me:

  • The ability to redesign my site with a budget needed $2000-$3000 & up
  • Not having the html knowledge to alter templates with some of the modifications I am looking for which are:
  • Seamless shop interface
  • Beautiful big galleries
  • Seo
  • Good integration with Etsy (if needed or wanted)

One thing that I am considering is using one of the affiliates I have that I haven’t talked about in a while which is IndieMade.com  Just a few of the reasons I am reconsidering them their competitive price options. They have lots of resources! They have tons of articles to help you become successful at taking your hobby to a small business!

Indie Made Shop Fossil Drops

 Indie Made Shop

Free Indie Made Resource articles include topics such as:

  • blogging
  • branding
  • business management
  • marketing
  • start up & planning
  • & more….

What is really great in researching them a bit more is Indie Made’s competitive pricing. There are several plans to pick from at any stage of your business.

If  you are considering changes like I am you might want to take a look too! & I’d love to hear what you have to share about this topic of owning your own small creative business. What are sites do you like where the website, blog, shop make you want to shop there? Have you set up a shop where behind the scenes are seamless as the total look?…. Allowing you to focus on craft, blogging & sales.

Now you can Get a free e-book from IndieMade.com – How to Build an Artist Website

I think the free e-book is great for any small handmade business owner too! If you are still searching too you might want to take a look at IndieMade.com  & all they have to offer. I can’t wait to share more about my shops & website journeys!

What has worked & what hasn’t worked for your small business? shop? or website?

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