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Back To School Tutorials Round-Up

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Dear Creatives, It is hard to believe summer has flown by so quickly. Traveling almost all on the back burner except for a few quick trips, swim suits will be washed and put away and the back to school lists come front and center! Now I have come across a few really cool tutorials to help get you started on some last minute sewing for back to school and help your little dears start off the year in style without breaking the bank.

Back to School Lunch Bag Tutorial

One way we save money in our house is by making healthy lunches and here is a very simple tutorial for making a reusable lunch bag. I can’t wait to share pictures of the one I made but with a twist on this. I like this one though as it is totally washable vs. the one I made has to be hand wiped.

Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Now I don’t know about you but this makes me want to go back to school! Well, OK not really but I am sure going to love making this and the matching perfect to have slouchy bag  they have to go with it! I was swooning over the pattern and fabrics used. You must see the rest of the images at Sew 4 Home you won’t be disappointed at all! They also have a tutorial for a dorm room laundry bag and more. I am loving this site for inspiration, easy to download pdf at top of posts and links at bottom at posts to endless goodness!


Memo Book Cover Tutorial

Now you know those inexpensive composition books we all get for the kids, high schoolers and even for ourselves for journaling or keeping notes. Well here is a super tutorial I came across to dress them up and make them look chic! Well, back in May Larissa of mmmcrafts shared this tutorial on The Southern Institute.com and it is up there on my list of back to school to dos!


Magnetic Bookmark

For today last but not least this very clever magnetic bookmark! Perfect for students keeping their pages straight. The tutorial is simple and made by Louise  of * I’m feeling Crafty and again shared on the Southern Institute.com

Have you done any back to school sewing, crafts or even made up any tutorials? I would love to know~

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