Design Material With Permanent Markers + DIY Zipper Pouch

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How To Design Material With Permanent Markers – I decided to design fabric with permanent markers and make a zipper pouch  (pencil case) to hold all my new pens in. Today I thought I would share how you can make your own and also how to add designs to fabric with permanent markers!

Enjoy this tutorial on how to design your own material. If you don’t want to make a zipper case out of it you can purchase canvas pouches to create your designs onto with permanent markers. I’m also sharing the best markers to add designs to the fabric. Find the tutorial and tips below. Plus, I’ve linked to some helpful video tutorials at the end of this post.

DIY Material With Markers


Zipper Pouch, handmade fabric, Theresa Huse 2013-Not only did I decide to make the zipper pouch I decided to use my permanent markers to make my own fabric. This is an easy process and I will share that too! Who’s ready to get their craft on today?

This is an easy adult craft or teen craft. Also, kids who are old enough to use permanent markers can make this with help. It’s a fun project for anyone who wants to make their own fabric. And add designs to fabrics with markers. We have listed a few of the best markers for doing a project like this below. 

How To Design Your Own Material 

Diy Zipper Pouch, Theresa Huse 2013

It’s easier than you think! I did receive the pens I used in this post for free. This post was made years ago, I have updated the post to include helpful resources so you can craft and sew your own projects. I still have this zipper case. Let’s get to it and make this! 

Design Material With Permanent Markers

How To Design Material With Permanent Markers. Plus, instructions for how to make your own pencil case. DIY zipper pouch instructions along with so many tips and options. DearCreatives.com

How to make your own designs on fabric with permanent markers 


Fabric Print made with permanent markers, print on fabric, flower fabric, handmade fabric, Theresa Huse 2013-

  1. Grab some pre-washed muslin fabric (I cut 4 pieces approximately 13 x 22″ each) preferably pressed and with your permanent markers.
  2. Then create your design on 100% cotton, cotton muslin, or muslin fabric.
  3. Don’t worry about being perfect, if you get bleed lines incorporate them into the design.
  4. To avoid bleed lines – Use a light hand by not pressing hard onto the fabric which will help keep it from bleeding.
  5. How To Set Fabric Pens – Note – For this project, I didn’t use fabric pens I used permanent markers. But, Setting the ink is the same process. If you do use fabric pens, follow the directions on the box. Products may vary for setting. Once done with the designs. Let the design on the fabric dry for 24 hours, and press with an iron to heat set. Protect your iron by covering the fabric with waxed paper. Do not hold the iron in one place. Move the iron over the surface and only for a few minutes at a time until you have covered the entire surface of your design on the fabric. 
  6. You are done adding designs to the fabric!
  7. Now assemble the designed pouch into a zipper pouch, pencil case with zipper. 

Notes: If you don’t want to make the zipper cases you can use BLANK COTTON CANVAS BAGS like this. You can also use this technique on other cotton or muslin blanks such as canvas bags, tennis shoes…

Recommended Fabrics for Adding Designs To 

The top three pen types to use for making designs on fabric

Continue on to see How to assemble the zipper pouch and DIY pencil case. I’ve linked to a few helpful videos at the end of the post. 

How to make and assemble the zipper pouch

DIY Pencil Case 

Step By Step zipper Pouch, DearCreatives.com © 2013 Theresa Huse

Now for the sake of easy viewing, I added these 6 steps into a collage (click to see full size)

Use a zipper size 9-13″ will be perfect

Use Pre-Washed Fabric With your Designs 4 pieces approximately 13 x 22″ each

  1. Lay right side fabric face down, place lining on top then iron back a seam (do this twice) Now with right side fabric face down on a table pin (or hand baste) your zipper to each side in place. (zipper pull facing down to the table) 
  2. When you flip it over it should look like this image. Then sew your zipper into place.
  3. Pull open the zipper slightly, fold the fabric in half right sides together, and pin and sew around all sides meeting the zipper area that is already sewn. (this is why you need the zipper slightly open) Now turn it inside out. Check sewing, clip edges, and corners.
  4. To create a boxed bottom fold corner as shown and pin
  5. Check placement to make sure seams match
  6. Then sew a straight line across (you can trim or tack extra fabric on the inside)

In case you need how to see to add in a zipper and how to

Zipper Pouch, Theresa Huse 2013

  • If you need to wash the pencil case I recommend you use cold water and wash separately on gentle or hand wash ( Notes: If you use warm water, bleeding may occur).
  • Now toss in your pens, pencils, and other school supplies. Then grab your paper, and go have fun!

Hope you are able to make one of your own zippered pencil-pen pouches and create your own fun fabric designs. If you use this tutorial be sure to share what you made with me at my weekly party, via comments or by a link, or by emailing me. I’d love to see it!

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    1. Hi Sharon, Thank you. They can be a bit tricky at first. I am no expert. I think I’ll share a link list of some good tutorials for them soon. Trick use zipper foot, makes it easier: unzip zipper part way down, then as you get to zipper stop & zip it up (keeping needle where your at) then continue sewing. Hope that makes sense for any newbies.

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