Creating a Custom Color Palette From an Image #collagetemplates

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Today I thought  I would share a tutorial for creating color palettes from an image. I love color inspiration. Color inspiration can come from nature, fabrics, photographs, or from various websites. But, for me, I love to look to nature first. I am working on a series of photography photographs that are all flowers. They are one of my favorite subjects to photograph and I also love creating with flowers. Today I’m going to take you through the steps of how I created a few color inspiration palettes with the help of PicMonkey. I hope I can create a series of DIY / tutorials to help you when you create in PicMonkey.

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Update! While I occasionally work in Pic Monkey. I’ve moved over to Canva. There are so many more features to use! From the templates and options for photography, bloggers, and for photo editing. Creating social media posts to I happen to love Canvas Pro Version. I  use it daily in addition to owning Light-Room, PhotoShop, and Illustrator. 

Now, onto the tutorial for creating a Color Palette in PicMonkey;

  • First, have the photograph you would like to use for your color inspiration
  • I prefer to have it already edited using the basic editing tools (color, exposure, and size are done)
  • Save this file to your computer

rose bud_

Here’s the image I wanted to create a color palette from.

Creating a Pic Monkey Collage Collage Cell and Rotate Tool Image

Next Upload the image that is ready to create your color palette you will open it in the Collage feature! 

  • Using the collage layout feature pick a layout you like and add your main image
  • You can rotate the canvas from the bottom by the collage size if needed

Video: Custom Color Palette Tutorial Part 1

color palette with PicMonkey Collage

UPDATE – Find made-for-you templates just like this in Canva! It saves so much time! And there are so many mood boards and collage options. Go with CanvaPro you will love it! Pop over to try it for free.

Next, you will add cells to the bottom area of the collage for your images and drop them in your main photo

  • Select and drop as many swatches as you want for your cells/placeholders
  • In order to create a new cell drop the swatches in between the lines of the pre-made template cells
  • Add in your main photo above swatches in the large area (this is the last step that cut off in the video)
  • Once you have your template the way you like it save it to your computer but, first re-size, pick image quality, name it, and then hit save

Changing colors of cells with color tool

Closeout your collage only after saving the file and reopen the newly saved file in PicMonkey You will edit your template from the main page/edit photo

  • Open template file you just made
  • Go to overlays (where the butterfly is) and pick geometric shape,  grab the square or rectangle and reshape it to the exact size as your bottom cells /placeholders are on the template
  • Duplicate it however many times for as many cells as you need. To do this right-click and select the duplicate overlay

Next, you will place those black cells /placeholders over your template cells. Start one by one and select your colors

  • Change your black cells colors by highlighting each cell and using the eyedropper tool (which is in the pop-up bar that says overlay next to color and under the numbers) Use the dropper for picking the color from your image.
  • Repeat this process until all your cells are the colors you want them to be

Video: Adding Overlays and Changing Colors in Pic Monkey

rose pastel rose color palette

Then when you are happy, all your colors are in place next you will rename your file and save it to your computer! Hurrah! Now you can create your own!

If you have created a color palette using this tutorial leave me a link in the comments or come share it at our weekly parties. I’d love to see it.

What is your favorite ending tool? Or a photography program?

rose with color palette

Have you created color palettes before?

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  1. Theresa, this is brilliant. This is such a creative and useful way to use the dropper tool. I love PicMonkey! I don’t often spring for the paid versions of free programs, but with PicMonkey Royale, I didn’t have to think twice. It was a must-have!


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